OCCUPATION: Community Volunteer


EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: MS University of Arizona, BA Macalester College, St. Paul, MN, Jackson High School, Portland Oregon

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: 6 years on the Parkrose School Board, two years as Vice Chair, three years as Chair

I enjoy being on the Parkrose school board because I can make a difference there. Education faces real challenges in Oregon. Public schools are asked to do more with less funding. Parkrose is meeting the challenge by getting better at what it does: teaching children. I am proud of the district and proud to represent the community's interest in our local schools.

In the three years I have been board chair:

  • I've spearheaded a successful Superintendent Search and Strategic Plan
  • Helped revive the Parkrose Education Foundation and helped start the Foundation Auction
  • Worked to bring county and city funding into the schools to replace ITAX funding

Excellence – My top priority is the education and achievement of all students in the district. Parkrose is a good school district poised to become a great school district. The board needs to communicate high standards and support the superintendent, principals, teachers and parents as we all work together.

Advocacy – I pledge that Parkrose will gets its fair share of all available tax dollars. Schools are now funded from local property taxes, the State General Fund, the federal government and at times, the City of Portland and Multnomah County. I will continue to lobby and communicate with local officials to ensure Parkrose children get their fair share.

Community – The Parkrose school district has a strong tradition of community support. I will continue to work to strengthen the trust between the community and the schools. I will reach out to our local government and business community whenever I can.

I'm Proud to be a Parkrose Parent and Community Member

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(This information furnished by Katie Larsell)

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