OCCUPATION: Director, Human Resources/Employment Services, Northwest College of Construction, 12/2005 - Present

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland Business Alliance, Community Service Program Coordinator, 9/2002-11/2005

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of California, Santa Barbara, BA/History; University of Phoenix, MAOM/Management

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Parkrose Educational Foundation, President, 2003-2004

Since moving into the district over ten years ago, my family and I have developed a deep and sincere appreciation for the Parkrose neighborhood.

As our son has progressed through Russell Elementary, then Parkrose Middle School, and finally into Parkrose High School, and participated in athletics and other activities, we've developed close friendships and common interests with our neighbors.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to participate in the growth of the school district as a soccer coach, President and Vice-President of the Parkrose Educational Foundation, participant in the Parkrose School District Strategic Planning Committee, and participant in the Polytechnic Charter Development Committee.

As a school district, we are about to enter into a transitional period. Our present administration has provided us with much needed stability and a solid financial base, but we are in the process of hiring a new superintendent, and the change in administration will provide us with an opportunity to reexamine our priorities and grow to meet new challenges.

At the same time as we continue to improve traditional academics and extra-curricular programs, there are several areas that I will explore to look for opportunities to expand or create new services. These areas include:

  • Diversify the curriculum to include technical and vocational programs.
  • Expand services to homeless students.
  • Improve and expand health and nutritional programs.
  • Reestablish the library partnership with Multnomah County.

As a district, we are entering into a period which will present new and exciting challenges. With your support, I hope to participate in the ongoing improvement of our schools, and provide systems that will allow our students to create successful lives and provide them with the tools to become tomorrow's leaders.

Thank you.

(This information furnished by Guy Crawford)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.


OCCUPATION: Key Private Bank Relationship Associate 2004-Present

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: KeyBank, NA 1988-2003; Positions held included Branch Manager and Operations Officer

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Concordia University, BS Business Administration

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Parkrose School District Budget Committee Member 2004-2006

For the student's of the Parkrose School District, Melissa Whitcomb supports and believes in:

Coordinated curriculums between elementary, middle, and high schools

The expansion of the use and availability of technology at all grade levels

A structured learning program for higher achieving students

Physical education in every student's schedule

The availability of structured programs to benefit students choosing to enter a trade industry upon graduation

A History of Community Service

Classroom and activity volunteer at Russell Academy

Treasurer of Russell Academy PTV

Volunteer for American Heart Association's annual Heart Ball

Volunteer classroom instructor for Junior Achievement

Volunteer for March of Dimes

Promotions Chair for the Milwaukie Downtown Development Association

(This information furnished by Melissa Whitcomb)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.