OCCUPATION: Chief Executive Officer/Board Chair, CH2A Associates

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Consultant, Oregon Youth Authority, 1995-2006; Consultant, Portland Development Commission, 2006 to present; Affirmative Action Director, Office of the Governor, 1975-79

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State University, BS – Political Science, MS - Education

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Chair, African American Chamber of Commerce; President, African American Community College Trustee's Committee; Member, Mayor Potter's Charter Commission

Harold Williams: Keeping PCC in Reach of All Students

Harold Williams fights to keep PCC affordable. Harold is always mindful of the needs of students, and has promoted adding dollars in the PCC budget to expand student financial aid and scholarships for low-income students.

Harold Williams promoted the expansion of the Cascade Campus in North Portland to a full-service community college campus, and was instrumental in guiding the building of a new college center on SE 82nd and Division to bring college services to more people in SE Portland. His leadership focused community college construction contracts to minority and women-owned businesses.

Harold Williams has a long and solid record of service to the community and extensive background in civil rights, affirmative action, education and justice. He is President of the African American Chamber of Commerce, President of the African American Committee of Community College Trustees nationally, and a widely known motivational speaker. He served on Mayor Tom Potter's Charter Review Commission, and acts as a consultant to PDC in their efforts to expand minority and women-owned business contracts. He has served on many advisory committees and has volunteered hundreds of hours of time to civic, religious and cultural activities.

Harold Williams leads by example, always taking steps to help others less fortunate. Harold Williams started the “Success Academy” where spiritual and cultural leaders come to assist students who want to attend college. He is a mentor to many youth who are disconnected from society and helps get them back on track to success.

Harold Williams: No One Works Harder


(This information furnished by Harold C. Williams)

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