OCCUPATION: President of the Entrepreneurs Foundation of the Northwest, non-profit providing programs to encourage early stage companies to be involved in the community. Managing Partner of the Tygh Valley Group, a product development consulting business.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Director Engineering, Planar Systems Inc.; Vice President of Engineering, Lightware Inc.; President & CEO, InControl Solutions Inc.; Chief Operating Officer, Systematic Designs International Inc.; Vic President of Engineering, InFocus Systems Inc.; Chief Operating Officer, E-Machines Inc.; Business Unit General Manager, Tektronix Inc.; Board of Directors, InControl Solutions Inc.; Member of the planning team for the Digitization of Healthcare economic development cluster; Founding member of the Oregon Display System Consortium; former member of the Strategic Planning Team for Roosevelt High School.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Ashland, Oregon, Senior High School Graduate; BS in Electrical Engineering, Oregon State University; MS in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Business, Oregon State University

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Appointed to the Board of Directors, Worksystems Inc.- 1999-2005 (Chair of the Board 2001-2003, Chair of the Youth Council 1999-2001); Appointed to the Board of Directors, Oregon Quality Initiative-1992-1995; Appointed to the Board of Directors, Lintner Center for Advanced Education- 1991-1994

I believe that a strong economy requires a skilled workforce and a workforce that can rapidly change to meet new opportunities. As the baby boomers retire we will also be facing a major shortage of skilled workers. This will create great economic opportunities for people who are able to upgrade their skills. PCC will play a vital role in training and retraining our globally competitive workforce. PCC is cost effective and has the ability to respond rapidly to changes. As a board member I will keep this vision as my guiding principle. PCC is a great resource for our region. I will work to make it even better.

(This information furnished by David C. Squire)

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