OCCUPATION: Professor of Education, Portland State University.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Director, Community-University Partnerships, PSU; Director, Urban Teacher Preparation, Syracuse University; Secondary Science/Math Teacher.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Ph.D. (Education), M.P.A. (Public Administration), Syracuse University; C.A.S. (Teaching, Curriculum, Learning Environments), Harvard University; M.Ed. and B.Ed. (Science/Math Education), M.Sc. and B.Sc. (Botany), Bombay University.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Portland School Board (2003-Present).

VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE: Portland Public Schools (PPS) Site Council, Parent Volunteer; Founding Member, Environmental Middle School (now Sunnyside); many local, state, and national education groups.

PERSONAL: Dilafruz's son, James, attended PPS for 12 years, served on the School Board, and graduated in 2002.

“I have committed my personal life and professional career to educational excellence and equity . I strongly support accountability to ensure that resources are focused on our children and their classrooms. I am not afraid to ask tough questions. My experiences as a parent, classroom teacher, board member, and teacher of teachers/principals put me in a unique position to advocate for the community and our children .”

– Dilafruz Williams

“Dilafruz knows our schools, and is a problem-solver.

– Gloria Gostnell, former Portland principal

“Dilafruz brings transparency, integrity, and clear communication to the Board.”

– Lolenzo T. Poe, Jr., Carol Turner, former Portland School

Board members; Judy Bluehorse Skelton, teacher

Dilafruz hones the vast talent of the community for creative solutions.

– Amilcar Alvarez, owner, Gabriel's Bakery

Dilafruz Williams …would keep the board grounded in the classroom .”

– The Oregonian editorial, 5/4/03


Organizations: Stand for Children; TVIP/Portland Association of Teachers recommendation; For Our Children's Future; American Association of University Professors–PSU

Elected Officials: Governor Barbara Roberts; Mayor Tom Potter; City Commissioners Erik Sten, Randy Leonard, Dan Saltzman; Metro Council President David Bragdon; Metro Councilor Robert Liberty; Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown; Senator Avel Gordly; State Representative Mitch Greenlick.

Community Leaders: Sho Dozono, Fred Miller, Karin Hansen, Martin Gonzales, Stephen Griffith, Debbie Goldberg Menashe, Sue Hagmeier, Karla Wenzel…. hundreds more parents, educators, community supporters!

Dilafruz Williams: For Excellence, Accountability, Equity



(This information furnished by Dilafruz Williams )

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