Occupation: Portland City Commissioner

Occupational Background: Co-founder Youth Employment and Empowerment Coalition; Board, House of Umoja; Jesuit Volunteer Corp; small business owner, attorney.

Educational Background: UO Law School; Stanford.

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, Oregon Juvenile Justice Commission.

Providing Safe Places for Kids After School
   "Jim understands schools are the heart of our neighborhoods. That's why he helped form Schools Unite Neighborhoods (SUN) to provide a safe and productive place for kids after school."

Ginny Burdick
State Senator

A Strong Community Leader
   "I've known Jim Francesconi as a strong community leader who cares about public safety and reducing juvenile crime. His values and integrity are beyond reproach."

Mike Schrunk
District Attorney

Jim Francesconi - Building Bridges
   "Jim's work in our neighborhoods has made a difference. He builds bridges between young people and employers, between neighbors and public officials, between ideas and solutions."

Avel Gordly
State Senator

Dear Voter:

After 20 years working in neighborhoods and seeking opportunities for our youth, I have focused my energy on the City Council to assure that our families have the resources _ schools, parks and green spaces, public safety _ to achieve a desirable quality of life.

That's why I supported funding and performance measures for schools and helped create Schools Unite Neighborhoods (SUN) to expand the use of schools by offering after-school programs to more than 5,000 kids.

The city has added open spaces and land for more parks so that all of our neighborhoods have access to these opportunities.

These initiatives also are important contributors to the safety of our neighborhoods. But we must work harder for education and job opportunities for our young people - the most cost-effective solutions to crime.

As your city commissioner, I will continue pushing government, neighborhoods, churches and business to join in providing the best opportunities for our families.

Jim Francesconi

Endorsed by:
Portland Police Association, Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, Portland Association of Teachers and others.

(This information furnished by Friends of Jim Francesconi)


Occupation: Crisis Counselor with Boys and Girls Aid Society of Oregon, helping adolescents and their families navigate the crises of growing up-from running away, drugs, gangs and pregnancy and to keep adolescents out of the criminal justice system.

Occupational Background: I have worked as a case manager for the chronically mentally ill, a population that lacks a voice in today's society. I have worked in a group home for teenage girls; operated a telephone crisis line and served as a liaison to heal racial tensions between parents and students at the Portland Public Schools. I am also a mother and grandmother.

Educational Background: I attended public schools in West Helena, AK then attended Mississippi Valley State until my parents ran out of money. Since coming to Portland in 1974, I have taken classes at both PCC and PSU where I earned my B.S. degree in Social Sciences.

Prior Governmental Experience: None.

As a young girl in the segregated south during the 1940's and 1950's, I never thought that I would have the opportunity or desire to be a Portland City Commissioner. Until recently, I never gave it a thought. I thought politics was a game played by powerful people to benefit their friends. I left politics to the politicians, and worked hard as a youth crisis counselor at the same time I was raising my children.

My attitude started to change when I realized that it is up to people like you and me to make government what it ought to be: a force of good for the working people of the community. It will not be easy, but then nothing worthwhile ever is.

I am not a lawyer or a wealthy businessperson but I have an inner faith that we can make our lives better. I want to bring this same dedication and uplifting spirit to the Portland City Council.

We need to have a voice for regular people on the City Council.

(This information furnished by Friends of Gloria Harris)