Occupation: Community Activist

Occupational Background: Policy Director, Bicycle Transportation Alliance; Faculty-Student Development, Portland State University; Science Teacher, Portland Public Schools

Educational Background: MA Urban and Environmental Policy, Tufts University; BS Biology with Teaching Certificate, Portland State University

Prior Governmental Experience: M.L. King, Jr. Boulevard Restoration Committee; Metro; 1996-98 Transportation Policy Alternatives Committee; Metro; 1992-98 Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee; 1989-97 Citizen's Budget Advisory Committee; City of Portland; 1989-91

Rex will fight for Portland's neighborhoods

Rex has worked for over 15 years making Portland's neighborhoods better places to live.

• Honored as Most Effective Citizen Activist in the Metro region by 1000 Friends of Oregon.

• Founding Trustee of the Coalition for a Livable Future, over 50 citizen's groups uniting for a just and sustainable future.

• Helped start innovative Northeast Community School as a parent-volunteer.

• Founded the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, one of Oregon's most effective grassroots organizations.

We need new leadership at Metro

• Rex has the vision, persistence and skills to fight for better transportation choices instead of freeways and sprawl.

• Rex will seek regional solutions to tough challenges like cleaning up our air and water and saving our schools.

• Rex will protect the urban growth boundary, parks and open space. Rex will increase recycling efforts.

• Rex will bring family wage jobs to our neighborhoods and keep housing affordable for working families.

• Rex will make Metro more efficient, accountable and responsive.

Endorsed by
Sierra Club-Columbia Chapter; Oregon League of Conservation Voters; Eastside Democratic Club; Oregon Natural Resources Council Action PAC; Former State Senators Ron and Jane Cease (D-NE Portland); Former Metro Councilor David Knowles

(This information furnished by the Rex Burkholder for Metro Council Committee)


Occupation: Metro Councilor; Community Relations, Portland State University; Adjunct Faculty, Portland Community College

Occupational Background: U.S. West Communications, Continental Airlines, Portland Public Schools.

Educational Background: Portland State University, B.S., 1974; Grant High School, Irvington Grade School.

Prior Governmental Experience: METRO Councilor since 1992; METRO Deputy Presiding Officer; Chair, METRO Regional Environmental Management Committee; Vice Chair, METRO Growth Management Committee; Member, METRO Operations Committee and Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation; Council Liaison Housing Technical Advisory Committee; Oregon State Unemployment Compensation Advisory Board

Working to Make Life Better for Metro District 5

Whether it's protecting our environment... working for affordable housing... or expanding open spaces... there's one thing you always know about Ed Washington...

Ed Washington Works

Expanding Open Spaces through creation of Whitaker Ponds, improvements to Smith and Bybee Lakes and Forest Park expansion.

Cleaner Waterways, such as restoration of Columbia Slough.

Improved Transportation with Interstate MAX, comprehensive mass transit and better access for pedestrians and bicycles.

Safe, Effective, Trash Collection and Recycling, keeping garbage rates affordable, while building a strong household hazardous waste and recycling program.

Living Wage Jobs and Economic Opportunity by expanding the Oregon Convention Center and EXPO and improvements to the Portland Center for the Performing Arts.

Affordable Housing Initiatives through creation of the Housing Technical Advisory Committee, a permanent part of Metro's 2040 Plan for Growth and Livability.

"I've watched Ed on the Council over the past few years and I've seen how he works--- how hard he works---for the people of his district and for the whole region. He's sincere, he's practical, and he's steady as a rock."

Victor Atiyeh

Endorsements: Portland Association of Teachers/Teachers' Voice in Politics and Portland Police Association

"I've dedicated many years to protect our environment and ensure the livability of our neighborhoods. As we work to manage growth properly, I've been a leader bringing diverse groups together to solve our problems. It's an honor to work for you."

Ed Washington

(This information furnished by Ed Washington)