OCCUPATION: President, BCI Group, Inc.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Durham and Bates; BCI Group, Inc.


PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Board member of federally funded nonprofit organizations; worked with school districts and other government entities as President of BCI Group, Inc.

Successful Business Experiences

Bob Coen, President, BCI Group, Inc has a diverse background as an active advisor to a variety of businesses from printing and publishing companies, manufacturing and distribution firms to technology, retail and service providers. His past experience includes founding his own business, merging it with a larger organization, and then acquiring other businesses and small companies to become what is now known as BCI Group, Inc.

Successful Board Experiences

Bob is a former Board member of Edgefield Children's Center and current board member of Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) and Oregon Children's Development Commission (OCDC), one of Oregon 's largest federally funded state-wide nonprofit organizations. In addition to the above listed nonprofits, Bob is currently an active Board member and or Board Advisor to several companies located throughout the Northwest.

Successful Community Experiences

Bob greatly enjoys his family and our community. He volunteers in children's sporting activities, coaching, church/community and ongoing business/civic events.

Bob will work to:

  • Advocate and support MHCC's “Commitment to the Community” mission
  • Provide professional experience and insight from a business perspective
  • Produce positive relationships among the college staff and students
  • Build partnerships with district high schools and local businesses
  • Advance the concept that education should be affordable
  • Make the college available to everyone – encouraging life-long learners
  • Advance a practical business approach to fiscal prudence

“Bob's understanding of the unique need for leadership and principle-based policy making required to meet objectives makes him an excellent candidate for the MHCC Board”.
                          Brian Freeman, Chair, MHCC Board of Education

(This information furnished by Friends of Bob Coen)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.