OCCUPATION: Psychotherapist, Community Organizer/Activist in Social and Environmental Justice issues.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Education and rehabilitation services, mental health, addictions recovery, community organizing for justice movements, historic preservation, the arts, public safety and public health.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Masters in Rehabilitation–University of South Florida at Tampa, Placement of the Blind–Southern Illinois University, Mediation–Portland State University. Licensed as a Marriage, Family Therapist, OR (since 2006), CA (since 1990).

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Consultant to Los Angeles and Long Beach (CA) police departments, dealing with diversity, excessive force and human rights (six years). Officer of the Eastside Redevelopment Project Area Committee (City of West Hollywood CA) for 9 years. Neighborhood Watch Captain in both West Hollywood and on Hayden Island. Community and Environmental Justice Group of the Columbia River Crossing Project (CRC). Co-Chair of the Hayden Island Plan Steering Committee.

"Ed is the kind of considerate problem-solver that can deal with controversial issues with a level head rather than be pushed around by vested interests.

“Ed's commitment to the public process involves listening to all stakeholders - - - - . For those seeking a more progressive Portland from policing issues to transportation issues, Ed has the knowledge, clarity, and drive to deliver effective change which is why he has received our exclusive endorsement in this election."
Seth Alan Woolley, Treasurer, Portland Metro Chapter, Pacific Green Party of Oregon

Ed's greatest gift is his ability to get to the heart of the issues, and encourage dialogue so that people can get things done." Pamela Ferguson, North Portland neighborhood activist

We live in a great city, but we have problems. We have very high unemployment, a very high drop out rates in our schools, and issues with our police department. Our city leadership appears to be overwhelmed by these issues, and has difficulty initiating leadership to effectively deal with them.

I offer fresh leadership, new ideas, and a commitment to transparency in government.

Thank you for your consideration, Edward “Ed” Garren

For more information: www. EdForPDX .com

(This information furnished by Edward “Ed” Garren)

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