Multnomah County Commissioner, District #3


OCCUPATION: Community Activist; Home Care Provider

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Court Clerk; Legal Services; Medical Records Analyst; Pharmacy; Retail

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Washington High Grade 12 Graduate Diploma; US Army Basic Training Squad Leader Graduate Certificate; US Army Legal Clerk School Graduate Certificate

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: US Army Court Clerk Fort Hood TX Honorable Discharge; District of Oregon US Attorney’s Office Mr Charles H Turner US Attorney Reception Portland OR; US Veteran’s Administration; Clerk Portland OR

I strive for excellence in my endeavors. In 1959 we moved to Mt Tabor. I graduated from Mt Tabor School in 1966. I trail blazed a victory to become Vice President twice and President; eighth grade. Then I forged into high school; Council Rep, violin in orchestra; glockenspiel in band; a Thespian my senior year as well as a Student Clerk; Fall Varsity Rally Cheerleader. Primary extracurricular activity was the International Order of Jobs Daughters; Honored Queen 1969.

Popular child care provider teen years. Proud parent one son, one daughter; Jefferson High School graduates; each charismatic, delightful and charming! Proud grandparent to progressive toddler! Empathetic nature. Confident in my ability to honorably serve you with distinction in the next quadrennial. I respectfully request that you cast your vote for me.


I will always fight for Basic Rights; the foundation of our lives.

I will research, formulate and present a cohesive set of policies that are essential to the needs of our community. Organizational constructs that benefit us.

Fiscal accountability: addiction treatment; arts; courts; development; entitlements; grants; housing; loans; health; parole and probation; public works; real property; tax benefits; transportation; urban renewal.

I support the Public Library Tax District. The Library is the “Heartbeat” of our community. In my view, the voters will support the Tax District measure; with a condition of fairness in expenditures of the County that affect our livelihoods.

I am honored to receive the integral endorsement of the Portland Greens Chapter of The Pacific Green Party!

Sincerely, Patty

(This information furnished by Patty Burkett)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.