City of Portland Mayor


OCCUPATION: Community activist, musician, performer, public speaker

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Child care provider; natural food store employee (Fraser, Co.); Kitchen/food prep at Blossoming Lotus Restaurant; Kitchen coordinator for City Repair/Village Building Convergence

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: High School, Martin County Florida; Associates degree, Florida State University (Liberal Arts)

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Pacific Green Party Candidate for Congress in 2000.

This year the voters of Portland have the opportunity to elect a new kind of municipal government that honestly represents the needs of the entire community, not just the elite!

It is our government’s responsibility to protect and care for its people to the best of its ability, while also protecting the earth and its ecosystems. Securing the well-being of ecosystems in which we live is the foundation for true safety, a balanced economy, and integral education. Adequate access to healthy food, pure water and air, shelter and warmth is the base threshold for sustaining life.

If you want:

  • lower water bills, and Bull Run kept public
  • concrete solutions to unemployment rates and school funding 
  • more community policing, and police accountability
  • to put the “eco” back in “economy”
  • equal funding for the arts, as are allotted for sports 
  • access to healthy & local foods in all neighborhoods and schools
  • cooperation over competition
  • to help protect our air, water, food, and soil from avarice and greed
  • campaign finance reform, instant run-off voting, and voter owned elections
  •  to preserve our forests, parks, and recreational areas

If you agree that:

  • Universal health care is an inalienable right
  • Gay marriages deserve the same rights as strait ones

Then let us look globally and act locally to create an exemplary model of how our government led “by the people”, not the corporations, can achieve a thriving community, one that benefits all beings while giving our children an exciting future in which to engage. Vote Tre Arrow for Portland’s community mayor in 2012!

Thank you,



(This information furnished by Tre Arrow and Community)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.