Position 2, Zone 2

Photo of Jess HardinJess Hardin

Occupation: Buyer of Organic fruits and vegetables

Occupational Background: Supervisor/Specialist at multiple levels of the supply chain

Educational Background: Cleveland High School, HS Diploma; California School of Culinary Arts/Restaurant & Business Management/ Diploma

Prior Governmental Experience: Appointed to the Centennial School Board June 2018; Member of Centennial Facilities Planning Committee; Member of Centennial Budget Committee

I look forward to continuing to serve the district as a member of the Centennial School Board. My goal is to be an active leader in this community for years to come. My daughter (student), my wife (teacher) and I are all proud members of this district. I hope to engage the community, assess the needs and challenges of our district, and execute positive solutions that will benefit our beloved district for future generations.

(This information furnished by Jess Hardin.)

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