Director, Position 7

Photo of Katey (Rickert) KinnearKatey (Rickert) Kinnear

Occupation: Owner of Katey Kinnear Photography

Occupational Background: Bookkeeper: AP, AR, Collections for Branding

Educational Background: Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online: Bachelor Degree of Photography, Mt. Hood Community College: Certificates in General Studies, Corbett High School: Diploma

Prior Governmental Experience: Corbett School Board

I'm a born and raised Corbett resident and a graduate of Corbett High School, graduating Class of 1998. My kids are 6th generation Rickert’s and 5th generation Angelo’s. I'm a wife and mother of 3 boys, Blake attends Corbett High School, Alex attends Corbett Middle School and my youngest son, Mason attends the Corbett Grade School. 

My volunteer work with the school district has been extensive. I've served as Vice President and President of the Corbett PTA, volunteer in my son’s classrooms and chaperone their class field trips. I've been Team Parent for many sports and I’m on the board of Corbett Youth Football along with helping Boosters. I built and maintain the Corbett Cardinals Football website along with the Corbett Boosters Website. I also coordinate the Youth Baseball program. In addition, I have volunteered many hours assisting the Grade School Staff in the office. Throughout that time, I have become familiar with how things work, how resources are used and dollars are being spent and where things could be improved. This is my fourth year on the Corbett School Board.

I will keep working to build a stronger positive voice in the community. I want the community to know all the valuable things the school district teachers, staff and volunteers do for our kids. While being on the School Board for the past 4 years, it has given me a better understanding of the Corbett School District. The past 4 years I have been to many school board conventions to help better understand my position on the board and expand my knowledge of being a school board member. 

(This information furnished by Katey (Rickert) Kinnear.)

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