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Photo of Donna BarberDonna Barber

Occupation: Director, Champions Academy, Portland Leadership Foundation

Occupational Background: Interim Director, Intercultural Life, George Fox University; Act Six Academy Coach, Portland Leadership Foundation; Education and Leadership Program Development Consultant for Adults and Youth – over 20 years experience

Educational Background: Temple University, BA in Communications; Georgia State University, MS in Education-Urban Teacher Leadership; DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative, Certificate

Prior Governmental Experience: David Douglas School Board Member

Solutions to Challenges Are Found in Collaboration

“As leaders, it is our responsibility to do more than just tolerate our differences but appreciate and learn from them. For it is becoming increasingly evident that the world’s problems – and our community’s problems – will be solved together. When students are at the center of our decisions, we will continue to make progress and build a public school system that supports every child.”  -Donna Barber, David Douglas School Board Member

The goal is to expect and support student growth and achievement, from kindergarten through graduation. To do that, we must: 

  • Shift from parental involvement to parental voice
  • Recruit and retain a representative teaching staff
  • Create a more equitable system of discipline rooted in restorative justice

“It would be impossible to find a more qualified candidate than Donna Barber. Yes, she has the education and experience. Most importantly, she is called.” -Ben Sand, Portland Leadership Foundation

Standing with Donna:
Jonathan Archer, Educator, David Douglas School District
Joy Leising, Rockwood Community Partner
Ben Sand, Portland Community Leader
Heather Franklin, David Douglas Parent
Eric Knox, Community Coach and Mentor
Cheryl Baker, SEI
Stand for Children Oregon

(This information furnished by Donna Barber.)

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