Director, Zone 2

Photo of Tiffani PensonTiffani L Penson

Occupation: Supplier Diversity Officer, City of Portland

Occupational Background: Education Team, Office of Mayor Sam Adams; SummerWorks Bureau Support Manager, Office of Mayor Charlie Hales; Minority Evaluator Program, Procurement Services; Small Business Liaison, Bureau of Development Services

Educational Background: Concordia University

Prior Governmental Experience: Lincoln High School Site Council, KairosPDX Board Vice President, Oregon Native American Chamber Board, Architecture Foundation of Oregon, Black United Fund Board, Business Diversity Institute Board,

Experienced, Steadfast, Respected

Dear Voters,
Our society prospers when all people are well prepared for life, with choices and access to family wage jobs. Portland Community College is a critical connection to opportunity for the people of Portland, providing education and skills for trades, entrepreneurship and careers. – Tiffani

We endorse Tiffani Penson for Director Zone 2, Portland Community College

“Tiffani shows what it takes to get government, private businesses and college leaders working together to promote successful outcomes for PCC students.” – City Commissioner Amanda Fritz

“Tiffani’s passion for education, her commitment to expanding education opportunities and principled leadership is what we need at PCC. I proudly support Tiffani.” — Retired Senator Avel Gordly

“Tiffani is a tireless advocate for students. Her leadership will expand opportunities for all underserved youth and has the leadership to deliver for PCC students.” — Former Mayor Tom Potter and Former First Lady Karin Hansen

“Tiffani knows education is the key to expanding opportunities. We need her at PCC. “ Bernie Foster, Business Owner

Senator Lew Frederick
Marcus Mundy
Kali Ladd, Board Chair
Faye Burch
Chris Guinn, Dwell Realty Emma Dye
Vito Dilullo
Rex Burkholder
Mayor Sam Adams

As your representative, I will:

  • Increase access to education and training, especially for those facing barriers as well as communities of color;
  • Expand programs for minority and women entrepreneurs;
  • Develop partnership programs to successfully transition youth into high paying trades and support women returning to the workforce;
  • Ensure that PCC remains accessible to all and that students have the support to succeed, whether at a trade, a skill or higher degree.

(This information furnished by Friends of Tiffani Penson.)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.

Director, Zone 2

Photo of Leonardo KendallLeonardo S Kendall

Occupation: Student, Portland State University. Front Doorman, Provenance Hotels

Occupational Background: Volunteer Coordinator, Multnomah Democratic Party. Campaign Organizer, Hillary For America. Legislative Intern, Oregon State House Minority Leader Jennifer Williamson.

Educational Background: Portland State University, Senior. Portland Community College, Associates Degree.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Pronouns: He, him, his

Message From Leonardo:

As a current college student and a recent graduate of Portland Community College, I could not be more passionate about giving a voice and a seat at the table to students. Having the privilege to serve the students and community as a Director on the PCC Board would allow our community to bring a voice to the discussion that is often overlooked. The difficulties and hurdles facing students today are greater than they ever have been and it’s time we fix this. Together, we can fight to lower the cost of tuition to rid PCC of the obstacles facing students and their families.

PCC has taken an active role in providing affordable education to minority students, and for that, PCC should be commended. I believe we could go further and build off of this example and strive to strengthen scholarship and financial aid opportunities to those who cannot afford to attend PCC.

LGBTQ students have also found a welcoming and safe community on the campus of PCC which has shown leadership and inclusivity in the creation of the Queer Resource Center. The resources provided to students are nothing short of necessary, but I believe we can do more. We will find a way to invest further, to create more resources for this office to provide to our students.

(This information furnished by Leonardo S. Kendall.)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.