Picture of Randy RapaportRandy Rapaport

Occupation: Developer of Multi-family housing

Occupational Background: Managing member of Clinton Retail LLC a Local developer of multi-family housing; Educational psychologist, Oregon schools; Investment Advisor

Educational Background: Trinity University, Bachelor of Science, Educational Psychology, Master of Arts (MA); Trinity University, Business Administration (BS), Minor Art History; Chartered Financial Consultant Ch.F.C

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Portland needs new leadership to improve livability for everyone. We must respond to the affordable housing crisis, effective management of homelessness and associated services, government inefficiency, and poor governance.

My candidacy seriously challenges business as usual in a corrupted system that we can no longer afford to host because livability is deteriorating all around us.

If elected, we will adopt a back-to-basics approach to direct resources where they are needed most.

Under my administration we will not be sending our tax dollars to the Portland Art Museum or Ballet before we effectively fund the most basic of human needs such as affordable housing, mental health services, substance abuse remediation, and food security.

City resources and services will be assessed on cost/benefit analysis using best practices to optimize effective outcomes to meet our community goals.

We will develop a comprehensive response to abrupt climate change with a focus on deep adaptation, renewable energy, transportation, and local agriculture in partnership with area university, medical, public school and transit systems.

My work history has prepared me to lead with 27 years of business and service experience in Portland: I’ve worked as a licensed educational psychologist, a coffee shop owner and operator, a developer of multi-family housing, a restaurant owner, a trustee of Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square, a board member of Sequential Biofuels of Oregon, and as a supporter of the arts.

These intentional work and civic service experiences and my love of Portland makes this candidacy worthy of your consideration.

(This information furnished by Randy Rapaport)


Picture of Teressa RaifordTeressa Raiford

Occupation: Philanthropist, Trauma-Informed Advocate and Community Organizer

Occupational Background: Accounting, Banker, Logistics, Educator, founder of Don’t Shoot Portland in 2015, a non-profit that provides legal resources for marginalized communities

Educational Background: Jefferson High School c/o 88; Trend Business; Western Business College

Prior Governmental Experience: Ran for office in 2012 against Amanda Fritz for City Commission seat 1; Ran against Loretta Smith for County Commissioner 2014, Elected PCP for North Portland District 2; Member of steering committee of community based organization founded by Barbara Willer (Black Women for Peace) in 2012-2015; Business and Economic Chair for Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs 2012- 2015; Co-Chair for Ceasefire Oregon Books Not Bullets 2012, Steering committee member for Oregon Health Department STRYVE program 2012-2014.

My name is Teressa Raiford, and I am a fourth-generation resident of traditional village sites of Multnomah, Clackamas, and many other tribes currently known as Portland, Oregon. Growing up and inner-city youth in the Irvington/Alberta neighborhood, I was exposed to many of the issues our city still faces today, gun violence, housing displacement, discrimination and racism. It was these lived experiences that heightened my self-awareness to injustices.

Providing testimony at city halls, state Capitals and state work group committee meetings, I’ve demanded audits surrounding equity, education, public safety, police accountability and state inter-agency access for those who need it most.

When I received an invitation extended to advocates and national leaders against gun violence during the Obama administration, it became apparent to national and state leaders that my consistent and articulate leadership is rooted in a bold commitment to change.

I will focus on providing humane and effective solutions to the houseless crisis, fight for living wages, do the most for renters’ rights and create true racial justice in our city.

“These systemic failures should require a direct approach that engages those most vulnerable and helps them become educated in civic process.” Teressa Raiford

For more information on my grassroots campaign, please visit

(This information furnished by Teressa Raiford)


Picture of Bruce BroussardBruce Broussard 

Occupation: Executive Administrator, No Veteran Left Behind Oregon, Inc. (Aiding veterans applying for benefits, making other VA services outside the Veterans Administration accountable).

Occupational Background: 10 Years - US Marine Corps; Vietnam Veteran; Former Owner/Publisher – Portland Observer Newspaper, Tri County Neighborhood Housing, Builder, Developer/General Contractor of a $1.2 million, 38 unit, Walnut Park Affordable Senior Housing Complex, NE Portland; Worked with Judges, the Circuit Court System of Multnomah County, and Youths who were at risk of incarceration, having their minor crimes expunged; Publisher of Oregon Voter Digest/OVD Digital Talk Show Host on Community Television; Oregon Public Broadcasting – Golden Hours, Senior Citizen Talk Show Throughout Multnomah County and City of Portland, and KBOO Radio.

Educational Background: N/A

Prior Governmental Experience: Metro Solid Waste Advisory Board, Oregon Governor, Vic Atiyeh appointment to the White House Small Business Conference Task Force, Multnomah County Charter Review Board, Portland Urban Forestry Commission, Portland Public Utility Review Board.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Boys & Girls Clubs, Boy Scouts of America, McCoy Academy Board Chair, Martin Luther King Scholarship Fund, Lifetime member of NAACP, Member of the Urban League, Member of Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, President and Lifetime Member-Buffalo Soldiers Association, Member of Portland Kiwanis, Portland Police Advisory Board.

TOGETHER WE CAN DO BETTER: Together we can solve homeless problems and rid our communities of discarded drug needles and rubbish by utilizing Wapato as a shelter/ vetting space, helping legitimate homeless, and the mentally ill, choosing safe havens for them. And low-income housing should truly be affordable for low income families and seniors. Gentrification of families and seniors needs to be stopped.

My passion, my commitment, my accomplishments, and awareness of the present issues plaguing Multnomah County District 2 qualifies me to meet the challenges.

Motto: “Together we can do better”

For More user/38broussard,

Contact: 503-701-0457,

Endorsement & Support:, Facebook: BruceBroussardPDX


(Remember to get out and VOTE)

(This information furnished by Bruce Broussard)


Picture of Ted WheelerTed Wheeler 

Occupation: Portland Mayor; 2017-present

Occupational Background: Government and Finance

Educational Background: BA, Stanford; MBA, Columbia; MPP, Harvard

Prior Governmental Experience: State Treasurer; 2010-2016; Multnomah County Chair; 2007-2010

Over the past three years, we’ve made real progress in addressing housing affordability, public safety, and climate action. We’ve united against hate, and invested in our neighborhoods, small businesses, and quality of life.

The Covid-19 crisis has tested our resolve and stretched the resources of our families, businesses, and communities. I’ve been inspired by the sacrifice and unity of our residents. I’ve been saddened by the impact on local businesses. All of us have been touched by social and economic disruption.

We’re getting through this crisis by doing what Portland does best: respond to crises with decisive leadership and solutions rooted in our progressive values.

Together, our work on these and other issues will continue. With your vote I’ll build upon my record of consistent, innovative leadership dedicated to a healthy, inclusive, and welcoming Portland.

Housing and Homelessness
Together, we more than doubled shelter capacity, helped over 6,000 people off the streets, and built 800 new units of affordable housing. We’ll continue tackling this crisis, connecting housing and shelter with addiction treatment, mental health and other services.

Climate Crisis
We’re moving Portland to 100% renewable energy, and working with other cities to reduce transportation and building emissions. We’re not waiting for Salem or Washington, DC. Let’s keep doing our part.

Public Safety 
Portland Police Bureau is adopting more capacity, de-escalation training, behavioral health personnel, and improved victim services. Let’s continue building trust to keep all Portlanders safe.

Equity and Opportunity
We’re helping companies expand youth employment, helping small and minority owned businesses, and focusing transportation policies on neighborhood connectivity. Together we can make Portland a place for all to thrive.

Select Endorsements:
Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty
Metro President Lynn Peterson
Portland Timbers/Thorns
Portland Firefighters, IAFF L43
Northwest Labor Council
UFCW 555

(This information furnished by Friends of Ted Wheeler)


Picture of Mark WhiteMark White

Occupation: Self-employed

Occupational Background: Medical education, data storage technology; food cart owner/operator; property management

Educational Background: Los Gatos High School, general, diploma; Sawyer College of Business, legal secretary, certificate

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, Powellhurst- Gilbert Neighborhood Association; Co-chair, 2011 Charter Commission; Portland Housing Advisory Commission; Portland/Multnomah Food Policy Council

If you are happy with the way things are in Portland, I’m not your candidate.

If you believe as I do that our government is broken, I hope you will consider me as your choice for Mayor after reading my vision for Portland and what I will do to guarantee you have a government defined and guided by your goals and values.

My time as co-chair of Portland’s 2011 Charter Commission made it clear to me that what our government says, and what it does, are often two very different things.

The upcoming Charter Commission will be the only opportunity for another 10 years for Portlanders to define how they want their government structured and to put in place clearly defined boundaries and firewalls that will guarantee accountability and transparency, as well as eliminate the waste of money and resources.

While the Charter Commission is doing its work, I will make sure it is fully supported and protected from government interference. As for governance, I will keep all Bureaus and Offices under the Mayor’s Office, but have the entire City Council work together as a team providing oversight and dissecting each aspect of government to remove any waste zof money and/or resources. All oversight will take place in Council Chambers, will be open to the public, and recorded for Public Access.

With me as Mayor, you will lead.

For more detailed information on what is mentioned here and much more, please go to my campaign site at —

(This information furnished by Mark for Portland 2020 campaign)


Picture of Ozzie GonzalezOzzie González

Occupation: Sustainability and Diversity Consultant

Occupational Background: Diversity Director; Sustainability Director; Architecture Professional; Educator; Director of Research Institute; Naturalist Ranger; Performing Artist; Business Mentor; Homebuilder.

Educational Background: Humboldt State University, B.S. - Environmental Science; CalPoly Pomona, M.Arch.I - Master’s in Architecture

Prior Governmental Experience: Trimet Board of Directors, District 2; Transit Equity Advisory Committee; OR Dept. of Education Career & Technical Education Committee; City of Portland Equity, Inclusion, Diversity Program Director; UN Sustainable Development Goals Taskforce

Community Involvement:
Board Positions: Trimet, OR Association of Minority Entrepreneurs, Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber
Past Boards: Regional Arts & Culture Council, Milagro Theater, Jardin Portland, HSU Center Appropriate Technology
Volunteerism: Portland Workforce Alliance, AIA Portland, EcoSchools Network, Casa del Padre, EcoDistricts, US Green Building Council, Apoyemos el Español.

Portland: it’s time for A NEW VOICE!

  • a LEADER that knows how government works
  • a CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVER who will listen to different perspectives
  • a PEOPLE PERSON who cares for all Portlanders

OZZIE GONZALEZ is that leader!

Husband; Father; Urban Ecologist, Bilingual (Español)

Proven Sustainability Track-Record

Ozzie was named “Emerging Leader” at Business Journal’s BetterBricks Awards for a project that reduced energy demand by 335GWh—enough to power 27,000 homes. 08/23/2013

“Ozzie has been a champion for sustainable design from the very beginning; and he continues to advance it with his innovative perspective and expertise.” Rick Fedrizzi, Founder of US Green Building Council

Proven Advocate for Local Businesses & Workers

“When I needed support for my startup business, Ozzie helped me. I have seen him help dozens of businesses and I know he will be a strong advocate for small business.” Eric Ufer, Owner Small Business

“Ozzie is absolutely the leader Portland needs right now.” Pat Daniels, Workforce Development Director

Equity, Inclusion, Diversity Practitioner

“Ozzie is the only one putting disability rights on the agenda.” Amanda Siebe, Disability Rights Activist

Ozzie received ‘Green Light’ Approval from Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC & Oregon Smart Growth Endorsed by Fred Miller, Alliance Party of Oregon, LatinoBuilt, & Portlanders of all types.

(This information furnished by Ozzie González)


Picture of Piper CrowellPiper Crowell

Occupation: Digital and innovation policy expert, Nike

Occupational Background: Non-profit environmental advocate; US Congress legislative director

Educational Background: Amherst College, Political Science, BA

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon Innovation Council

I am proud of my deep Oregon roots and was raised in a family dedicated to public service. I am still called to serve but with Portland facing a pandemic, I have decided to suspend my campaign and focus on COVID-19 response efforts.

I have always believed that people matter more than politics. Now more than ever, we need leaders who will collaborate, do what is in the public interest, and tackle our housing and homeless issues.

There is so much we all need to do to keep our city and its people safe and that’s where I will be spending my time: harnessing the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Portland’s small business community to tackle the challenges that COVID-19 brought to health care professionals.

With the spread of COVID-19, we learned to rely on neighbors who believe in Portland. This community spirit must be carried on by our leadership to tackle problems like homelessness, housing, and climate change.

I do want to take this space to tell you about who I am.

I have spent my career leading diverse coalitions to protect our values.

As a grassroots environmental organizer, by bringing all stakeholders to the table, I helped defeat a ballot measure intended to overturn global warming legislation.

As a legislative director in Congress, I am proud of our innovative solutions, including permanently protecting land along the west coast.

As an executive, I brought business and policymakers together to prevent bad online actors from deceiving consumers and businesses.

As a LGBTQ+ community member, I am grateful to Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC Greenlight, the LGBTQ Victory Fund, and the individuals and organizations who backed my campaign.

I look forward to working with you and my fellow neighbors in the months and years to come.

Stay in touch with me at

(This information furnished by Piper Crowell)


Picture of Cash Blanco CarterCash Blanco Carter

Occupation: Executive Director at University Of Change PDX non-profit organization; Screenwriter; stand-up comedian; Amazon warehouse associate

Occupational Background: Former Portland Timbers; Portland Thorns & Timbers 2 Team chef; Music production & engineering.

Educational Background: Clackamas Community College, Clark Community College & Grant High School

Prior Governmental Experience: None

When Change is needed, invest in Cash

Treatment & substance abuse reform
Foster care system reform
Juvenile justice system reform
Supporting a “Green New Deal”
City Hall Transparency
Homelessness decline
Protecting equal rights to protest
Welcoming all immigrants, races, religions & sexual orientation

“Activist, writer,and teacher from Portland Susan Anglada Bartley’s thoughts on Cash Carter”

Mr. Carter did not express an anti-police stance.He did not express any statements related to police abolition. I got the feeling that he values the role that police play.

The Arts
Mr. Carter expressed a passion for music and the arts. He mentioned wanting to promote more public concerts and music events. The way he answered made me think that he would like to be a leader who works toward greater civic engagement in a way that Portlander’s would really enjoy.

How I felt in the presence of this candidate Cash Carter seems really cool. I got the feeling that he is a highly motivated person who does not want to be underestimated. I got a sense that he is proud of his working class roots. I also got the sense that he loves the Portland Trailblazers from the emblem on his hat. He seems like a guy who could get along with anyone, which is important for a mayor. He is open minded and on-the-spot creative. Jan 22nd 2020 the-1-21-portland-mayoral-candidate-forum-565ca4e23ea0

(This information furnished by Cash Carter)


Picture of Sarah IannaroneSarah Iannarone

Occupation: Teacher, Policy Advisor

Occupational Background: Mother (unpaid); Restaurant Worker; Small Business Owner

Educational Background: Portland State University, Urban Studies & Planning, Ph.D. (ABD)

Prior Governmental Experience: Transportation Bureau & Budget Advisory Committee; Land Use & Transportation Chair, Mt. Scott- Arleta Neighborhood; Prosper Portland Strategic Planning Committee

This is no time for politics as usual.

Now more than ever, Portland needs a hard-working, courageous, compassionate mayor who can bring us together to reshape our city toward greater equity and sustainability.

The current mayor promised us experience and competence, but he’s failed to solve our city’s problems. The Portland we love could be unrecognizable after four more years on his watch.

I’m offering you an alternative.

I grew up in a union family in a factory town and worked my way through school while raising my family. I know anything is possible when we come together and work hard but we need a leader who believes in the power of community with the right values, practical experience, professional know-how, and a sense of optimism to see us through.

My small-donor campaign means that in City Hall, I’ll fight for everyday Portlanders in public, not for big-money donors and corporate lobbyists behind closed doors.

I’m endorsed by powerful grassroots organizations like Our Revolution, Sunrise Movement, and The Street Trust Action Fund and greenlighted by Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC Greenlight and Oregon Smart Growth.

I’m the only leading candidate championing these comprehensive solutions:

  • A Green New Deal for Portland creating good-paying union jobs while regaining global climate leadership
  • Housing for All Strategy for more affordable housing, protecting renters, distributing homelessness solutions across neighborhoods, and building age-friendly communities
  • Public Safety Reforms saving taxpayers money while protecting Portlanders through police accountability, safer streets and transit access, and safeguarding immigrants and refugees
  • Representative Government we can trust to serve everyone, including Communities of Color and residents of East Portland
  • Coordinated Disaster Response including investments in education, preparedness, and infrastructure

# # # Learn more about Sarah’s policies and supporters # # # | (en español)

(This information furnished by Friends of Sarah for Portland)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.