Gresham-Barlow School District

Director, Position 1, Zone 1

Robyn Stowers

Occupation: Policy Advisor, Metro

Occupational Background: Senior Urban Renewal Coordinator, City of Gresham; Communication Specialist, Multnomah County; Policy Advisor, City of Portland; Community Relations Officer, Urban Renewal Manager, City of Woodburn

Educational Background: Syracuse University MA; Portland State University BA

Prior Governmental Experience: Current Director, Gresham- Barlow School Board. Eleven years professional experience in municipal, county, and Metro government.

I unapologetically advocate for our most vulnerable students, teachers and families. As a Gresham-Barlow School Board Director I have championed:


Centering the holistic health and wellbeing of all students and staff.

  • Full vaccination of teachers before returning to classrooms and appropriate work accommodations for medically vulnerable staff and families
  • Reallocation of $200,000 in police contract funds to mental health specialists
  • Elimination of victim blaming language in the Sexual Harassment Policy


Celebrating the diverse experiences, identities and contributions of all students.

  • Sponsorship of Cultural Resolutions and events in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, African, European, LGBTQ, and migrant communities
  • Elimination of inappropriate Native imagery and the inclusion of land acknowledgments
  • Expansion of the academic calendar to include more cultural days
  • Gresham-Barlow School District equity assessment and accountability
  • Close the discipline and achievement gap of students of color


Eliminating barriers to participation in school district policy making by increasing transparency and engagement.

  • Complete agenda packets posted one week in advance to allow the public and board members to appropriately prepare for school board meetings
  • Create opportunities for the community, students and staff to engage with the board through listening sessions, community events, and board meetings
  • Inclusion of closed captioning and translation services

Gresham-Barlow Education Association Oregon Education Association
NARAL Pro Choice Oregon
East County Rising

Ricki Ruiz, State Representative
Shirley Craddick, Metro Council
Gresham City Councilors: Eddy Morales, Vincent Jones-Dixon
School Board Directors: Amanda Orozco-Beach, Katrina Doughty, Sonja McKenzie

(This information furnished by Robyn Stowers)

Director, Position 1, Zone 1

Holly Riegelmann

Occupation: Bookkeeper: Riegelmann’s Appliance

Occupational Background: Receptionist: Adventist Health Medical

Educational Background: Sam Barlow High School

Prior Governmental Experience: None

This community is family to me. Gresham is where I was raised, where I met my

husband, where I work in the family business, and where I am raising my family. Next academic year, I will have a student in elementary, two in middle school, and one beginning high school with hopes to play water polo for his dad, who has coached locally for almost 20 years. I am deeply proud of this community.

The pandemic has stretched and challenged us. Our students have faced a loss of opportunity and growth, while parents, grandparents, and educators have dealt with hardship and disruption to support their kids and families. I have walked in the shoes of families who have adjusted their lives to meet their kids’ needs, and I have worked hard to bring people together to find solutions that move us forward. When our community’s families needed a voice, I stepped up to bring stakeholders together to find the “yes” that would give our families and community hope.

I learned that we may have different perspectives, but that we all want the same thing: better student opportunities for a brighter future.

I am running for school board to pursue that future together with you.

“Holly has a student-first focus, she builds bridges, fights for common ground, and chooses to seek solutions rather than dwell on problems. There are no better qualities of an effective board member than these.” Blake Petersen, Gresham-Barlow School Board

Please join these community members and leaders in voting for me.

Shelley Burns-Guisto, Business Owner, GBSD Parent
Ron Hudson, Retired GBSD teacher,
Grandparent Bess Wills, Business Owner
Greg Eisenzimmer, Business Owner
Brandon & Heidi Schmdit, Business Owner, GBSD Parents
Josh & Jessica Atkins, GBSD Parents
Jason & Kristi Helbig, GBSD Parents
Kris Howatt, GBSD Board Member
Matt O’Connell, GBSD Board Member

(This information furnished by Holly Riegelmann)

Director, Position 3, Zone 2

Cathy Vandehey Keathley

Occupation: Business Manager, St. Joseph the Worker Church; Vice President, Joseph P. Vandervelden Foundation

Occupational Background: Human Resource Analyst, Metro Service District; Human Resource Analyst and Acting Human Resource Manager, City of Gresham

Educational Background: Portland State University – Business Administration; Gresham High

Prior Governmental Experience: Gresham City Councilor; Gresham Finance and Budget Committee: Chair, Gresham Fire Advisory Council

My approach to leadership is to listen, respectfully debate, and make thoughtful, evidence-based decisions. I am committed to providing a welcoming, safe environment where all students, staff and parents are respected. In these unprecedented times, I join you in advocating for children to safely return to the classroom. I will listen to all concerns and work together to find the best solutions for our children.

Working together is the key phrase.  Working together creates a positive vision for our students preparing them to grow, learn and thrive as adults in our community. I have been and will be a bridge between the concerns of students, teachers, parents, and administration.

As a mom of three kids, I spent 17 years working with teachers, parents, and administrators at every level to provide support in all areas of education. Being a PTA President, member of the Principal’s Advisory Council, and chair of multiple fund-raising activities providing financial support to the teachers and schools allowed me a fuller understanding of the needs of our educational system.

I will champion:

  • Getting our children back to school in a safe environment while meeting and respecting the needs of students, teachers, and parents;
  • Navigate through any reduced financial support due to the economic effects of the pandemic;
  • Respectful debate, and making thoughtful evidence-based decisions;
  • Provide intentional leadership focused on students.

Short list of many endorsements:

“Cathy has experience making hard and fair decisions. Parents can count on her.” Sue Piazza, Gresham City Councilor

Karen Johnston, GBSD Oversight Committee
Mike McKeel, DDM
Mark & Debbie Eisenzimmer, Cascade Athletic Club
Terry McCall, Metro East Web Academy Board Member

More at:

(This information furnished by Friends for Cathy Keathley)

Director, Position 4, At-Large

Joe Demers

Occupation: Commercial Driver

Occupational Background: Commercial Driver

Educational Background: Home school – general studies – GED

Prior Governmental Experience: None

I am a father of four, three daughters and one son. My two oldest daughters are college age and my two youngest are still in Gresham-Barlow schools. Our story is very similar to a lot of families in the Gresham  area and even around the world. Covid-19 destroyed any semblance of a day to day lifestyle, especially for my 16 year old and my 7 year old. Both of my children struggle with ADHD, they are in need of IEP environments to excel in their academics.  This virtual learning has proved to be highly negative for a proper learning environment causing my 16 year old to go from straight A’s to failing grades. With the technological advantages of the day, focus from home has too many distractions to make work completion viable for my youngest.

That’s why I am running for school board - - because active schools are vital in the development of our children. Things like sports, music, art, and trades learning must not be forgotten. Teachers with expertise in these areas are independent talents that we as parents cannot accommodate for. As candidate for school board I am advocating for the following:
Elect parents = We really need our kids to know we care parents should be the front line.
Peer-to-peer = The social network of friends in person enhance and encourage higher goals.
Process = The stability and functionality of a classroom works better than virtual.
Environment = The purpose of a classroom brings a centered focus that a home does not.

Let’s bring family life back to normal, vote Joe Demers for school board!

(This information furnished by Friends of Joe Demers)

Director, Position 4, At-Large

Jeff C Jones

Occupation: Electrical Contractor

Occupational Background: Twenty one years in electrical construction

Educational Background: Sam Barlow High School, Diploma 1998; IBEW Local 48 JATC Inside Wireman Apprenticeship, State of Oregon Electrical License, 2006; Oregon General Supervising Electrician, 2014.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

My name is Jeff Jones. I was born and raised in Damascus, OR and graduated from Sam Barlow High school. I am a husband and father of two great kids. I own and operate a small electrical construction company in Troutdale. I am running for the Gresham Barlow School Board because I feel our kids and community need individuals that will represent them. Being a family man and small business owner I can contribute my diverse experience to the school board.

(This information furnished by Jeff C Jones)

Director, Position 4, At-Large

Julie Frediani

Occupation: Retired Educator GBSD, Substitute Teacher

Occupational Background: Volunteer Gresham Art Walk, Gresham Outdoor Public Art Board Member, Customer Service at Christopher and Banks, Multnomah Falls Gift Shop

Educational Background: B.A. in Education: Pacific Lutheran University, Lewis and Clark College: E.S.O.L coursework, Portland State University

Prior Governmental Experience: None

I am running for the school board because I have the background, knowledge and experience needed to be effective. My unwavering voice is for kids, families and teachers…not politics. My only agenda is to advocate for what is best for students. I support getting students back in school full time as quickly and safely as possible. I will support investing more in mental health services (a high priority after the pandemic), continuing to practice equity and doing our best to insure all students find academic success. Many parents, children and teachers endorse me. Some know me as Mrs. Ertel or Mrs. Frediani but all know me as someone who helped them grow and learn to be their best self. I will continue to do that by serving children and you as a school board member.

“Sunny and I met Julie 25 years ago when she asked us  to help teach her class about the Chinese New Year. Julie has always been committed to diversity and inclusion of all cultures/ethnicities in her classroom. She makes sure that ALL children in her class are validated, safe, loved and successful students. Julie cares for the whole child. She is the most qualified candidate for The Gresham-Barlow school board. We are proud to support her in this endeavor.” - Sunny and Judy Han

Kids. Families. Teachers. Not Politics.

Our children deserve someone with experience, who is passionate about children’s education and who understands priorities for our schools.  I am that person!

Thank you for your vote.

(This information furnished by Friends of Julie Frediani)

Director, Position 4, At-Large

Carla C Piluso

Occupation: GBSD Board - Position 4 At-Large (2009 to present); Human Solutions – Board, Secretary

Occupational Background: OR State Rep – HD 50 (2015-2021); Gresham Police Chief (2003 – 2009 (ret.)); Gresham Police Officer (1979 – 2003)

Educational Background: Willamette University – Political Science – BS; Andrew Jackson – HS Diploma

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative HD 50 (3 terms); Board Chair – Vice Chair GBSD; Budget Committee - GBSD; Board Chair – Multnomah County Commission on Children/Families/Communities

I was born in East Multnomah County and I am proud to be a lifelong Oregonian. I have had a career here, raised my daughter here, and I plan to stay here serving my community.

As a School Board Member, I’ve made decisions that had a positive impact in the lives of children and families:

  • Successful implementation of the District bond, improving educational opportunities for all students
  • Increased graduation rates
  • Expansion of SUN Community School sites
  • Focus on hiring a diverse workforce
  • Expanded mental health and counseling options

Being a Legislator, I had the unique opportunity to expand my horizon (seeing the big and small picture) and observe the chain of impact. I was able to be a strong advocate for East County:

  • Supported resources to provide CTE opportunities and STEM instruction
  • Sponsored legislation:
    • Opportunities for children in foster care
    • Law Enforcement oversight, reporting, and discipline
  • Family Supports and Housing Committee

Drawing from my experience in school board activity and law enforcement, I understand the strength in collaboration and community engagement.

As a dedicated lifelong learner, I intend to serve and engage our families, and improve educational opportunities for

all students, in particular those students who have been historically under-represented.

Thank you for your support and your vote!


  • Stand for Children

Metro Councilors

  • Shirley Craddick
  • Christine Lewis

Gresham Councilors

  • Dave Dyk, Vice-Chair Gresham Finance Committee

Schoolboard Directors

  • Sonja McKenzie – Parkrose
  • Annette Mattson – MHCC
  • Amanda Schroeder – Centennial
  • Mayra Gomez – GBSD


  • John & Shirley Vandermosten

(This information furnished by Carla Piluso)

Director, Position 5, Zone 4

Jasia Mosley

Occupation: Co-Founder and Board Director of Youth Oregon

Occupational Background: Community Organizer and Voter Engagement for state and local candidates

Educational Background: University of Oregon (current), Mount Hood Community College, Gresham High School

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Empower Youth and Amplify Their Voices

“As a recent graduate from Gresham High School, Jasia is a brilliant young leader that knows what students in our schools need. I’m excited to have her to show us what the future of leadership will look like!” -Representative Ricki Ruiz

“As a graduate of Gresham public schools, Jasia brings a perspective that has never been represented on the school board. I look forward to her serving in this capacity in 2021 and beyond.” -Councilor Vince Jones-Dixon

Dear Neighbor,

I have been living in Gresham for over 15 years and our community is important to me. My experience in community organizing and nonprofit work has prepared me to be an advocate for our youth, especially those who identify as Black, Indigenous and people of color, who need to see themselves in elected leadership. I will be a source of inspiration to our younger students, encouraging them to pursue their passions in and outside the classroom.

As your school board member, I will focus on the following priorities to better serve our students:

  • Advocating for more mental health resources to support school counselors
  • Listening to diverse student voices to reimagine student safety
  • Living our values of equity and accessibility with translation services and ASL at board meetings
  • Facilitating greater community engagement
  • Promoting curriculum where students from all walks of life feel seen and respected

Community Leadership Stands with Jasia:

State Senator Chris Gorsek State Representative Ricki Ruiz
State Representative Khanh Pham
Multnomah County Commissioner, District 4, Lori Stegmann
Multnomah County Commissioner, District 2, Susheela Jayapal
Gresham City Councilors Eddy Morales, Mario Palmero, Vince Jones-Dixon
Andrea Valderrama, Chair, David Douglas School Board
Dave Dyk
Gresham-Barlow Education Association
Oregon Education Association
Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon
UFCW 555
East County Rising

To  learn more, visit

(This information furnished by Jasia Mosley)

Director, Position 5, Zone 4

Blake Petersen

Occupation: Management Analyst, City of Gresham

Occupational Background: Executive Director, Good News Community Health Center; Captain, US Army

Educational Background: Sam Barlow High School; United States Military Academy – West Point

Prior Governmental Experience: Gresham-Barlow School Board, 2017 – Present

As dad to four kids and foster dad to three more, I understand what this past year has meant to our students and families.

Our success from this moment will demand clarity, urgency, and leadership. I know the challenge of leading in confusing times.

I am a West Point graduate, combat veteran, experienced non-profit and public servant, and—for four years—have  had the privilege of serving our community on the Gresham- Barlow board.

I am incredibly proud of the community I have called home since I was born and committed to its prosperity. It has been my honor to lead our schools in these hard times to deliver results that we can be proud of:

  • Historically high graduation rates at our high schools
  • $340 million of new infrastructure completed ahead of schedule, under budget, and accountable to every voter promise from the 2016 bond
  • Expanding career and technical education opportunities for students
  • Elementary dual-language immersion programs active and increasing
  • Principled financial management resulting in no staff cuts despite rising pension rates
  • The safe return of our educators to their classrooms and our kids to their schools

These results and the ones we will celebrate together on the hard road ahead demand more than ideas.

I am a GBSD dad offering a critical parent’s perspective; I am a tested and proven servant-leader; and I am ready and willing to take on our challenges for the sake of our students. We are on the rise. Let’s rise TOGETHER. I appreciate your vote.

Partial list of endorsements: Stand for Children
Karylinn Echols, Former Gresham Mayor
David Widmark, Former Gresham City Councilor
Sue Piazza, Gresham City Councilor
Kris Howatt, GBSD Board
Matt O’Connell, GBSD Board
Bess Wills
Vicki Moen
Mike Riegelmann

(This information furnished by Blake Petersen)

Director, Position 6, At-Large

Adam Sorenson

Occupation: Quality Control and Commissioning Manager Dynalectric Oregon

Occupational Background: General Foreman Dynalectric Oregon; General Foreman Oregon Electric Group; Foreman Rosendin Electric

Educational Background: Sam Barlow High School 1995-1998; Mt. Hood Community College 1999-2000; NIETC Electrical Apprenticeship 2008-2012

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Gresham has been my home for 30 years and I enjoy being part of this community. My wife and I are raising our family in the district and have a daughter that will beginning her education in the GBSD in 2022.

My intentions are clear and simple. I want to deliver transparency and accountability from a community that seeks solidarity. This will be best accomplished through a position on the Gresham-Barlow School Board. I want to ensure that our students get the very best education possible. Our kids are  the future and we need to treat their education and safety as our top priorities.

My Focus:

  • SCHOOL SIZE that meets the needs of our students and community
  • SUSTAINABLE budgeting
  • PROGRAMMING built for district interests
  • TRANSPARENCY with integrity

I believe that positive alignment between the Gresham- Barlow Community and School District is necessary in order to provide the best educational outcomes for our students.

I am willing to support significant changes in existing programming and leadership focus to give our students the best opportunities for success. We must set high expectations and provide opportunities for all types of learning for all types of students. Important facility issues, school budget realities, school size, and educational programming are top priorities in this work towards finding a common vision for our schools.

(This information furnished by Adam Sorenson)

Director, Position 6, At-Large

Mayra L Gómez

Occupation: Director of College & Career Readiness, West Linn-Wilsonville School District

Occupational Background: Federal Programs Coordinator: Centennial School District; Assistant Principal, Reynolds High School; Educator, Gresham High School; Migrant Education Summer School Teacher, Multnomah Education Service District; Summer Program Coordinator, Portland Parks and Recreation

Educational Background: Lewis & Clark College, PhD, Educational Leadership and Curriculum; University of California-Los Angeles, Master of Urban Education; University of Oregon, BA, BS

Prior Governmental Experience: Gresham-Barlow School Board Member

Dr. Mayra Gómez: Lifelong Commitment to Our Youth & the Power of Education

“Mayra is truly invested in the Gresham community. She is committed to supporting and collaborating with teachers who love their students. Her experience as an educator provides an understanding of our students’ needs and what schools need to do to close opportunity gaps.” - Carla Piluso, Gresham-Barlow School Board

I have spent my entire career believing in our youth, and seeing how the power of education can affect them in life- changing ways. It was my own experience that led me down this path. I credit my success to the mentorship of family and community members who believed in me.

I strive to do the same for my students in Oregon public schools and as a Gresham-Barlow School Board Member. We have:

  • Increased graduation rates
  • Hired more school counselors & more diverse educators
  • Passed a construction bond

I am running for re-election so I can continue to empower youth to finish high school, pursue education beyond graduation and inspire them to mentor younger generations in their communities.

Community Leaders Endorse Mayra for Re-Election!

“Mayra sees education as the social equalizer. She feels responsibility to advocate and give a voice to our disenfranchised communities and address equity issues impacting our students.” - Gresham City Council President Eddy Morales

Ricki Ruiz, State Representative
Shirley Craddick, Metro Councilor
Multnomah County Commissioner Lori Stegmann
Annette Mattson, Mt. Hood Community College Board
Jessica Arzate, Multnomah Education Service District
Andrea Valderrama, David Douglas School Board
Sonja Mckenzie, Parkrose School Board
Yesenia Delgado, Reynolds School Board
East County Rising

(This information furnished by Gomez for Kids)