Notice of Measure Referral from Parkrose School District

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Parkrose School District has referred a measure to voters in the Parkrose School District at the Nov. 8, 2022 General Election, and the Multnomah County Elections Division has received a Ballot Title for that referral. Any registered voter dissatisfied with the Ballot Title may file a petition for review with the Multnomah County Circuit Court on or before Aug 29, 2022. Any person filing a petition must also notify the Director of Elections, 1040 SE Morrison St., Portland, in writing that the petition has been filed, and the notice must be given by 5:00 p.m. on the next business day after the petition has been filed with the Circuit Court. - Tim Scott, Multnomah County Director of Elections

Five-Year Operating Levy for Parkrose School District (51.1 KB)

Five-Year Operating Levy for Parkrose School District

Question: Shall district retain teachers, classroom assistants by levying one dollar per one thousand dollars assessed value for five years beginning 2023? This measure may cause property taxes to increase more than three percent.

Summary: The Parkrose School district currently estimates a $3.2 million dollar budget shortfall for the 23/24 school year leaving the District unable to maintain current services and programs. A $3.2 million dollar budget reduction is equivalent to eliminating 26 teaching positions or 18 school days.  

The measure, if approved, would allow the District to raise approximately $2 million dollars per a year to retain teachers and classroom instructional assistants.

The levy would fund approximately 22 educational positions (60% teachers, 40% classroom instructional assistants) focused on:

  • Keeping class sizes low at the K-2 level
  • Specialists to provide career oriented electives at middle and high school level
  • One educational assistant in every kindergarten in District
  • Meeting state mandates requiring that every elementary student have access to physical education

The measure will raise approximately $2,600,000 in 2023-24, $2,700,000 in 2024-25, $2,700,000 in 2025-26, $2,800,000 in 2026-27, and $2,900,000 in 2027-28, a total of $13,700,000 over five years at a rate estimated not to exceed $1.00 cents per $1,000 of taxable assessed value within the District beginning July 1, 2023. 

The estimated tax cost for this measure is an ESTIMATE ONLY based on the best information available from the county assessor at the time of estimate and may reflect the impact of early payment discounts, compression and the collection rate.