OCCUPATION: Metro Councilor

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Port of Portland manager, cargo sales director; assistant international transportation manager, Nike

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Catlin Gabel High School, Harvard University, BA, 1982

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Metro Councilor, elected 1998, Metro Presiding Officer 2000-2001, Oregon Port Planning Committee, 1987-89

“David Bragdon brings people together to solve real problems, easing traffic and preserving greenspaces. He has the vision to lead our region, and his door is always open – – that makes a good leader.”

Former Governor Barbara Roberts

No one is more qualified to lead Metro than David Bragdon

Made Metro Accountable
Presiding over the Metro Council, David implemented the toughest ethics standards in Oregon. Councilors must report large campaign contributions before votes, ending back-room deals.

Protected Neighborhoods
David knows California-style sprawl hurts our neighborhoods. At Metro he’s fought out-of-control growth that threatens communities, farms, forests and rivers.

Innovative Leadership
Improving our recycling and solid waste programs, David worked with restaurants and grocery stores to put good food to use. Now, it goes to food banks, not the landfill.

Proven business experience
David’s proven business experience has helped improve our transportation system and makes David the only candidate qualified to help bring family-wage jobs to the region.

Building Consensus
David brought community leaders and environmental groups together to preserve prized parkland in Forest Park, Tryon Creek and East Buttes.

Looking Out for Future Generations
David’s leadership against sprawl and traffic protects our air and water.

Business, Labor & Community Leaders Agree:
Bragdon is the Best Choice

Former Governor Neil Goldschmidt, former Gresham Mayor Gussie McRobert, Metro Councilor Rod Monroe, Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council, AFSCME Local 3580, Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors, Oregon League of Conservation Voters.

Complete endorsements at www.BragdonforMetro.com
“In a tough economy, we need a leader like David Bragdon with private and public sector experience to make every public dollar work for the people. We need David’s integrity and personal accountability at Metro.”

Multnomah Sheriff-elect Bernie Giusto

(This information furnished by David Bragdon for Metro Council President)


OCCUPATION: Marketing Executive and Self-Employed

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Advertising, Political Consulting

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Powell Valley Grade School, Gresham; Gordon Russell Middle School, Gresham; Sam Barlow High School, Gresham; Bachelor Degree – University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Legislative Assistant, Oregon State Legislature.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: American Red Cross “Help Can’t Wait” Campaign

Kate Schiele
A Facilitator, Not a Dictator

“Metro needs a leader not afraid to scale back the council’s power. I want to steer it towards consensus with local communities, not confrontation. Let’s give neighborhoods a voice in their development.” Kate Schiele

“Kate Schiele knows it’s high time we were heard. We have a lot to protect and much to prevent. We need someone who balances demands for additional housing with the need for open spaces. Kate will include us in her planning.”
Lonnie Roberts, Multnomah County Commissioner

Kate Schiele
Real Solutions to Real Problems

“Some mass transit – of course! Throw you out of your car – of course not! Metro’s priority must be to get our people, our goods, and our services moving safely, efficiently and on time.” Kate Schiele

“Kate has a tremendous understanding of the need to invest in new roads and widening and repairing of existing ones. She knows that one size does not fit all.” Larry Haverkamp, Metro Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation

Kate Schiele
Business – A Brand New Approach

“METRO should give business a leg up, not a slap in the face. Our public policy and the planning process should attract new jobs and allow businesses to thrive.” Kate Schiele

“How refreshing to have someone at the helm who will embrace the business community and include us during the planning stages. I urge your vote for Kate Schiele.” Edward C. Tonkin, VP & General Counsel of Ron Tonkin Dealerships


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(This information furnished by Kate Schiele)