OCCUPATION: Workers Compensation Manager, JH Kelly, LLC; Board Member, Professionals In Workers Compensation

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Cambridge Integrated Services Group, Inc.; Board Member/Vice President (2003-04) Oregon Self Insured Association; Neighborhood Mediator/Prior Board Member, East Metro Mediation

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Blanchet High School, Seattle Washington; Certified Professional Disability Manager, National; Licensed Insurance Adjuster, State of Oregon; Certified Claims Adjuster, State of Oregon, Washington; Toastmasters International

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Fairview City Council 1999-2002

Fairview is a city of more than 8000 in population and continues to grow year by year. This year the City is going to be making some hard decisions when it comes to the budget, fire protection and other city services and the Fairview City Council should be representative of the whole city.

While being fiscally responsible to the citizens of Fairview, the Fairview City Council needs to:

  • Continue to upgrade our police force and make SOLID decisions on fire protection.
  • Work harder to provide the Citizens Advisory Committee with more information to bring to the citizens of Fairview before major polices are set, enhancing citizen involvement in City issues.
  • Work with the new Chamber of Commerce to help find affordable commercial space for new business owners and light manufacturers.
  • Continue to work with other cities and Multnomah County to bring economic development, jobs and revenue to Fairview.
  • Utilize resources and current green-spaces to develop family oriented activities, keeping our children safe and busy.


The following individuals encourage your vote for Barbara Jones:

Roger A. Vonderharr, Past Mayor of Fairview
Mike Weatherby, Mayor of Fairview
Steve Owen, Fairview City Councilor
Jim Raze, Fairview City Councilor
Larry Cooper, Fairview City Councilor
Sherry Lillard, Fairview City Councilor
Lisa Barton Mullins, Chairman, Fairview Citizen Advisory Committee

(This information furnished by Barbara Jones)



OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Project Management & Finance Consultant at PacifiCorp; Vice President at two major regional banks: U.S. Bank (Portland) and Bank One (Phoenix); Instructor for the Arizona Institute of Banking

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Certified Data Processing Professional (CDP) from the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals; Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles, California; Business-Related College Courses: Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business Law, Quantitative Analysis, Business & Professional Speaking

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Fairview Budget Committee (Appointed) – 4 years.

Fellow Citizens of Fairview,

We’ve seen many changes in our Community in recent years. The future promises to be even more exciting and challenging than the past.

After 30-plus years in the private corporate environment, I retired from PacifiCorp where I worked as Finance and Project Management Consultant. Previously, I was a Vice President at two major regional banks: US Bank and Bank One. Currently, I serve on Fairview’s Budget Committee, am the Fairview Historian for the Fairview-Rockwood-Wilkes Historical Society, and write history articles for the Mt. Hood Gorge Connection newspaper.

My knowledge, skills and experience gained in the business world will be applied diligently on behalf of ALL of Fairview’s citizens.

Soon, our city will be faced with critical financial issues that will require a business-like approach that represents ALL of Fairview’s citizens. How the city addresses the projected shortfall of several hundreds of thousands of dollars in the fiscal year 2005-2006 will impact ALL of Fairview’s taxpayers. Fairview’s dollars are YOUR dollars, and as your city councilor, I will promote careful and prudent financial practices.

As YOUR city councilor I will advocate OPEN GOVERNMENT, so that our citizens will be fully aware of the many issues your city officials and staff are addressing. In keeping with Oregon’s Public Meetings Law, decisions by our city officials must be discussed and, if need be, debated in public so that you are fully informed of the thought processes behind these decisions.

Please vote for Helen Maguire for Fairview City Council Position #2.

(This information furnished by Helen Maguire)