OCCUPATION: Owner – Cooper Tractor & Equipment, Inc.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Howard-Cooper Corporation; Pacific North Equipment, International

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Mt. Tabor Grade School; Washington High School; Portland State College

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Metro Councilor 1984-1988; Board of Supervisors – Multnomah Drainage District #1 1991-present; Member – Metro Policy Advisory Committee 2002-present; City of Fairview Economic Advisory Committee 2003-present; Appointed – Fairview City Council 2004

As citizens of Fairview we have many challenges facing us in the future. While Fairview has some very nice amenities, Parks, walking trails, and shopping areas. The upcoming 2006 budget shortfall could impact public safety as well as other City services. Funding will be the most critical issue we face. The practical hands on experience that I have gained through my years as a small business owner allows me to find workable creative solutions to tough budget issues. As a current member of the City Council I am dedicated to solving these budget issues while pursuing economic development that is vital to the continuing success of Fairview.

I firmly believe that Fairview needs the persistent involvement of its citizens to ensure that diverse voices are heard. The continued growth of the Citizens Advisory Committee is essential to the success of our City.

With the many challenges facing Fairview I believe my experience in the public sector combined with my experience as a business owner makes me an asset to Fairview. I am a team player with the credentials to help Fairview the challenges before us. The experience I possess is needed as we face the realities of both today and tomorrow.


Endorsed by the following citizens of Fairview:

Mike Weatherby, Fairview Mayor

Roger A Vonderharr, Former Mayor Fairview

Sherry Lillard, Fairview City Councilor

James R. Raze, Fairview City Councilor

Steve Owen, Fairview City Councilor

Barbara Jones, former Fairview City Councilor

Mike Falk, F.L.O.P.A. past President

Rich Goheen, Fairview Citizen

(This information furnished by Larry Cooper)


OCCUPATION: Self employed property management/maintenance

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Industrial hydraulics

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Hudson’s Bay High School, 12th; Portland Community College

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Fairview City Council 1998-2002; Multnomah County Emergency Management Policy Board 1998-2000; Regional Emergency Management Policy Committee 1998-2002; Fairview budget committee 1998-2002; Solid Waste Citizens Advisory Committee 1998-2001

Thank you to the voters who placed me 2nd in the 2002 Mayoral race, by only 44 votes!

My political philosophy is populist, nationalist and constitutionalist.

As a former city councilor, I encouraged citizen communication and involvement. Unless you influence the council regularly, their only input received, is from city staff. Those who don’t get involved, are ruled by those who do.

I have, and will continue to place emphasis on the rights of the property tax payers. I’m dismayed at the “hand me down” regulations from Metro, State and Federal governments, telling you what plants are allowed in your yard, and how close your neighbors will be. It’s time to “just say no” to agencies that interfere with Fairview’s sovereignty, and people’s personal property. Reaching “consensus”, by compromising with a thief, still leaves you with less than all of your property. Are you electing those who serve you, or will they allow the promotion of “Sustainable Development” and “Smart Growth”, which are neither?

An atmosphere that attracts business and industry must be created and maintained. An east county cities partnering program is underway, that needs to be aggressively continued. Fairview needs to review all current roadblocks regulating businesses, which currently stifle new growth. We should also listen to current businesses owners, for possible ways to ensure their success. Fairview can never become the city that we envision, while the tax burden is limited to mostly residential property.

The future of Fairview is in your hands and the hands of whom you elect. Again, I offer my time and fighting spirit, to the people of Fairview.

The only endorsement I seek is from you!

(This information furnished by Ken Quinby)