OCCUPATION: Partnership Development, The Center for Advanced Learning (CAL)

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Marketing Manager/Business Liaison, East Multnomah County School-to-Work, Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce; Community Liaison/Partnership Development, Multnomah County Aging Services; Assistant Director for Victim Services, National Organization for Victim Assistance, Washington DC.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: MA Organizational Management, University of Phoenix; BA Political Science, Oregon State University

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Washington DC Public Health Task Force; Oregon Criminal Justice Council, Gubernatorial Appointment

We have invested our time, energy, trust and money in Gresham.

We need to know that we are getting full value in return.

Karylinn will work to protect city services through Stabilized Funding by:

  • Budgeting for results
  • Moving past the tax-spend-cut approach to budgeting

Karylinn will work for Economic Growth by:

  • Attracting and retaining business and industry to stimulate our local economy
  • Bringing the community together to strategically plan for our future.

Karylinn will work to preserve Community Livability by:

  • Protecting the services valued by our community
  • Promoting a ‘life-span community’ – healthcare, services, education, shopping, entertainment, and recreation

Karylinn Echols has the leadership skills and experience necessary to be an effective City Councilor:

  • Proven ability to bring people together to create solutions
  • Exceptional leadership skills demonstrated by successfully advocating public policy initiatives and legislative reform
  • Extensive background with non-profit organizations at the local and national levels, as a private consultant, and in city, county and state government

Karylinn is involved in her community:

MCTV Board of Directors, President
Community and School Volunteer
Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce
People throughout our community ENDORSE Karylinn, including:
Tobias Anderson; Mike & Jackie Bennett; Fred Bruning, President, Center Oak Properties; Brian J. Freeman; Bernie Giusto, Multnomah County Sheriff; Dan LaGrande, MCTV Board of Directors; Brian Lessler, President, Persimmon Luxury Homes, LTD; Greg Moen, Moen Machine; Carol Nielsen-Hood; Larry Petersen; Mary Zoe Petersen; Lonnie Roberts, Multnomah County Commissioner District 4; Pat Swift


(This information furnished by Karylinn Echols for Gresham City Council)