OCCUPATION: Mayor, City of Lake Oswego

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: County Commissioner, Teacher, Editor, Educational Specialist, Oregon Dept. of Education; Consultant

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B.A., History, University of Oregon; Graduate courses, Portland State Univ.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Chair, national Community Streetcar Coalition, current; Member, Board of Directors, Portland Streetcar Inc. current; Clackamas County Commissioner, 1990-1999; Chair, 1992, 1995, 1998. Governor’s Task Force on Growth, 1998; State Representative, 1987-1989; Lake Oswego School Board, 1980-1988; Chair, 1982-83; 1987-88; Metropolitan Advisory Committee, (MPAC) 1992-1999, 2001-current Vice-Chair 1992-95; Chair, 1998


Accomplished East End Redevelopment from the signing of the Development Agreement to the completion of Lake View Village.

Led new 2-yr budgeting process to provide sound fiscal health and stable funding strategy for street maintenance.

Completed acquisition of the US Bank Bldg and parking lot for future public use.

Led the successful bond measure in 2002 to provide open spaces, pathways, parks and playing fields. Resulted in the acquisition of public land in Stafford, Glenmorrie Greenway, Foothills Park, Lilly Bay natural area, property at the mouth of Tryon Creek, and additions to Iron Mountain Blvd natural area.

Actively building an Arts community: supported Arts Downtown, public art acquisitions, transition from Arts Commission to a private, non-profit Arts Foundation.

Provided leadership for the winning “America in Bloom” project, 2003


Construction of the Headlee Boardwalk on the southeast side of Lakewood Bay,
Development of Foothills Park, to be completed in 2005,
Continued private redevelopment of the east end, and the pursuit of a healthy, attractive west end.
Public process and planning for the redevelopment of the Foothills area,
Bringing the Streetcar from the South Waterfront, Portland to Lake Oswego

MY PLEDGE TO YOU: Working together to enhance our neighborhoods, support our businesses, and keep our community strong, we will continue to make Lake Oswego the most livable, beautiful and welcoming place that we can envision.
Judie Hammerstad, Mayor of Lake Oswego

(This information furnished by Friends of Judie Hammerstad)