OCCUPATION: Portland City Commissioner

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland Firefighter, 1978-2002; President, Portland Firefighters Association, 1986-1998.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: BS, History, Portland State University; Grant H.S.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: State Senator 1993-1999; State Representative 1999-2002

Randy Leonard promised something different. He kept his promise.

“…Randy Leonard didn’t waste any time. He’s already shaking things up at City Hall, and that’s just what the Portland City Council -- and the entire city -- needs these days.”
Oregonian, December 21, 2002

Randy Leonard is making Portland the city that really works!

“We think it’s a fairly easy call…Commissioner Randy Leonard, in only 16 months in office, is well on his way to doing what he said he would do…there is no question he has delivered. He has shaken things up at City Hall, and there’s need for more change…Vote Leonard.”
Oregonian April 12, 2004

Randy Leonard stands up for hard working Portlanders

Randy Leonard “…has earned a reputation as a straight-shooting, passionate advocate for the little guy.”
Willamette Week May 8, 2002

Re-Elect Randy Leonard
Making a Difference on City Council


(This information furnished by Friends of Randy Leonard)