OCCUPATION: Troutdale City Councilor last 8 years; Professional Forester with US Forest Service, Forest Health Protection, Pacific Northwest Region

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: 30 years with US Forest Service in Oregon, Washington, and Washington DC.; Volunteer Fireman; Wild land Firefighter; Imagination Station Playground Co-Coordinator

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Marshall High School – Portland, OR. Graduated 1970; Mt Hood Community College – Gresham, OR. 1971; Oregon State University – Corvallis, OR. BS Degree in Forest Management, 1974; University of Washington – Seattle, WA. 2/3 credits towards Masters Degree

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Troutdale City Council last 8 years; Troutdale Planning Commission; Troutdale Parks Advisory Committee; Troutdale Budget Committee; Gresham Tree Preservation Committee; Multnomah County Animal Control Advisory Committee; Mt. Hood Community College Forest Sciences Advisory Committee; Troutdale Booster Club Board of Directors; Troutdale Lions Club Treasurer; Imagination Station Playground Co-Coordinator; Troutdale Citizen of the Year in 1997

Why re-elect me to the City Council?

Because I love being on the council. For the last 8 years I have worked hard to serve the people of Troutdale, and there’s more to accomplish. I now have a good feel for the heartbeat of the city.

What I’ve done for Troutdale:

  • My wife and I organized the building of Imagination Station playground at Columbia Park. Even after 10 years, this is seen by many as the single most rewarding community event ever to occur in Troutdale. 2000 people came during 5 days to build it.
  • I met with neighborhood groups to work out their concerns with development;
  • Enthusiastically supported the lifeguard program on the Sandy River, by supporting Oregon River Safety Program and AMR. There have been no deaths at Glen Otto Park since the lifeguards have been stationed there. This is a huge success!

What I want to do:

  • Follow through from vision to implementation on development issues that I’ve helped work on, like the sewer plant site, and Alcoa Aluminum site.
  • Further enhance our green spaces/park system
  • Bring in more good paying jobs for Troutdale residents

(This information furnished by Doug Daoust)