OCCUPATION: Owner “Happy Fish Restoration Landscaping”; Challenge Course Facilitator

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Airline pilot, 1995-2003; Pilot U.S. Navy 1988-1993

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B.S. Business Administration, University of Oregon


Protecting Our Remaining Streams
For the past ten years I have volunteered thousands of hours planting trees and restoring wetlands and stream banks in the Portland metro area. I founded and lead the all-volunteer “Tsunami Crew”, a Friends of Trees project, which has planted over 9,500 trees in the last four years. This year I started my own native landscape and invasive removal business.

Empowering Our Youth
I have worked extensively with Portland area youth. I volunteered many years as a teen mentor and currently facilitate challenge courses for all ages.

Living Sustainably
I advocate for solar power, xerascapes, rainwater collection, re-used building products and other sustainable home materials—all of which you will find at my house.

Working together we must conserve soils, streams and water resources. There are many people working very hard to bring back strong, healthy and abundant salmon runs to the county. Still, too many of our streams count the salmonid returns in the single digits. We need to continue the work of re-vegetating our riparian areas and improving fish passage.

Volunteer projects can unite our communities and I applaud all the groups making this opportunity available.

Even though most urban residents do not live along streams, we have a huge effect on watershed health. Overwhelming amounts of storm runoff, sewage, metals, oils, fertilizers and pesticides inundate our rivers. We need to take a hard look at all forms of soil and water pollution regardless of location of origin.

As Director I will promote education and outreach programs that conserve our soil and water resources throughout our county.

Endorsed by the following SWCD Directors:

Clifton E Deal, Director, East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District

Xander Patterson, Director and Treasurer, East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District

Dianna Pope, RN

(This information furnished by Chris Runyard)