Multnomah County

Referred to the People by the Board of County Commissioners as Recommended by the Multnomah County Charter Review Committee.

Measure No. 26-58


CAPTION: Salary Commission

QUESTION: Should the Salary Commission set County Chair and Commissioner salaries?

SUMMARY: The Charter permits the county board to set chair and commissioner salaries not exceeding the salaries recommended by the salary commission. The auditor appoints the five-member salary commission. The measure amends Charter Section 4.30 to require the salary commission to set the county chair and commissioner salaries. It takes effect on November 3, 2004.


This measure amends the Charter. The Charter currently allows the county board to set its own salaries as long as the salary commission’s recommendations are not exceeded. A five-member salary commission is appointed by the auditor by January 1 of each even year.

The Charter Review Committee does not believe it is appropriate for elected officials to set their own salaries.

The Charter Review Committee recommends this measure. It will require the salary commission to set county chair and commissioner salaries.

The measure will take effect November 3, 2004.

Submitted by:
Multnomah Co. Charter Review Committee

No arguments FOR or AGAINST this measure were filed