OCCUPATION: Retired; part-time District Inspector for Powell Valley Road Water District

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: 31 years at Powell Valley Road Water District


PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Rockwood PUD Board of Directors/November, 2004-present; Rockwood PUD Budget Board-2 year term

I served at Rockwood PUD on the Budget Board for two years; last year I was appointed to finish a term as a Board of Director.

I have worked in the drinking water industry for 31 years and will bring to the Directors and patrons of Rockwood PUD this experience.

I feel the issues that need to be addressed in the next two years should be:

  1. Alternative water sources
  2. Reducing high wholesale water cost with the City of Portland
  3. Increase public awareness about issues and operations of Rockwood PUD
  4. Maintain a highly educated and motivated staff
  5. Keeping in mind costs but not sacrificing quality.

In closing I have lived in the Rockwood PUD for 17 years and will be proud to serve as your representative on the Board of Directors.

Please vote for me, Donald McCarthy

(This information furnished by Donald James McCarthy)