OCCUPATION: Director-at-large, West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District; Textile restorer

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Lewis and Clark College graduate department teaching assistant; Multnomah Post environmental columnist; Water Forum television host.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of Oregon, Philosophy major (4 yrs.)

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Metro Water Resources Policy Advisory Committee; Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. Board; West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District Chairman; Tryon Creek Watershed Council

Liz Callison has a strong commitment to public service and is endorsed by Metro Councilor Rod Monroe (Southwest Portland), and West Mult. SWCD Director, Zone 5, Nancy Park (Northwest/Southwest Portland).

Liz Callison has been highly effective during her past two terms on the West Multnomah Board. As chairman, she wrote grants and managed a number of very popular workshops on stream restoration and pasture management for rural and urban landowners. She managed stream enhancement projects, and secured state funds to hire scientists, train volunteers and collect data to produce Tryon Creek’s first independent watershed assessment (TryonCreekReport.com).

Special Message to West Multnomah Voters:

A healthy environment and clean water are very important to West Multnomah residents. My priorities include: cost-effective Willamette River restoration, including a better public greenway for recreation and fish and wildlife habitat; reduction of pesticide runoff and municipal sewage pollution of our local streams; bike and pedestrian trails; assistance to rural landowners for pasture management in a context of flawless public accountability.

People often tell me they’re most worried about loss of neighborhood greenspaces and heavy urbanization of the land; along with runaway rate increases in water, sewer and electrical utilities. At heart, these are natural resource issues. Parks, school playing fields and community gardens have been bargained away by city officials in closed-door deals with favored developers. I’ve opposed Portland Development Commission’s multimillion dollar, out-of-control public subsidies for densely-packed urban renewal in the Willamette River floodplain. With your help, I’ll continue working to improve our urban environment where the needs are greatest. Please join me!

Thank you.
Liz Callison Campaign, 503-244-0641

(This information furnished by Elizabeth Callison Campaign)


OCCUPATION: Performance Auditor, Oregon Secretary of State Audits Division; Chair, Tryon Creek Watershed Council.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Community Outreach and GIS Project Assistant/Intern: Portland Development Commission; Natural Resource Conferences Program Assistant/Graduate Assistant: Executive Leadership Institute; Energy Management (use reduction) Specialist: Hollywood Entertainment Corporation; Assistant Community Outreach Meeting Facilitator/Volunteer: River Renaissance, Portland; Volunteer: Portland Farmer’s Market.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Master of Public Administration/Natural Resource Policy: Portland State University (PSU); Watershed Management Professional Program: Executive Leadership Institute, PSU; Bachelor of Arts/Journalism: James Madison University.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) Lower Willamette West Small Grant Committee; City of Portland Natural Resource Enhancement Project Permit Streamlining Committee.

Experience, Commitment, and Vision

“Terri’s experience in accomplishing conservation work and gaining local support speaks for itself.” Brian Lightcap, WMSWCD Director and Chair

“Terri is committed to practical environmental solutions. She works with everyone to get things done. She’s smart, sensible, trustworthy, and will honor your vote.” Amanda Fritz, Portland Planning Commissioner 1996-2003

“Terri should be your choice. She has the vision and track record we need to bring property owners and agencies together in a positive way for a healthy environment.” Jere Retzer, Past WMSWCD Director and Watershed Advocate

Dear Voter,

I will bring new energy to WMSWCD to address the natural resource challenges in Multnomah County, encourage strong connections between the Board, landowners and residents, and local government, and find ways to bring in dollars to help urban and rural citizens do voluntary conservation projects.

I have:

  • Collaborated on winning $350,000 in grants over the past two years;
  • Partnered to involve over 500 volunteers in habitat improvements projects on private and public properties;
  • Effectively worked with the Cities of Portland and Lake Oswego, Metro, OWEB, United States Fish and Wildlife Service and local non-profits.

Together we can support the restoration of Coho and Steelhead in our urban streams!

Thank you,

Please visit www.riggsby.net

Terri and her husband Ben live near Woods Park in Multnomah Village, SW Portland, with their three cats.

(This information furnished by Terri Preeg Riggsby for WMSWCD)