OCCUPATION: Portland City Commissioner

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Environmental Engineer; Small Business Owner; Multnomah County Commissioner; Legislative Aide to Congressman Ron Wyden

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Beaverton High, 1972; Cornell University, B.S., 1977; M.I.T., M.S., 1980.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Multnomah County Commissioner; Board Member, Portland Community College.

City Commissioner Dan Saltzman
Kept Promises and Hard Work

Dan Saltzman ran for City Commissioner to use his combination of public leadership and private sector experience to make Portland a safer, more family friendly, greener and better run city.

Four years later, that’s just what he has done, earning a reputation for hard work and thoughtfulness along the way.

Here are some ways Dan Saltzman kept his word:

Government that Works
Nobody keeps a sharper eye on the bottom line. Dan manages the Combined Sewer Overflow project to clean up the Willamette: the largest public works project in Portland’s history. It’s ahead of schedule and under budget. The West Burnside repairs: completed and ahead of schedule. And Dan trimmed budgets and improved accountability in all his bureaus.

Safer Children, Stronger Families
Dan led the fight against child abuse and domestic violence with the Children’s Receiving Center, the Early Childhood Investment Fund — all reasons Portland was called the nation’s most “Family Friendly” city. (ZPG, 2001)

A Prosperous, Greener Portland
Dan is nationally recognized for his efforts to clean up the Willamette, protect air, land, and quality of life and promote clean, cutting edge industries for future family wage jobs.

“Commissioner Dan Saltzman pushed. . . a ‘green’ building policy that is truly progressive. . . Good for him, and good for Portland.” The Oregonian, 1/12/01

Helping Schools
Dan Saltzman helped ease the burden on our local public schools, save teachers and programs, while making sure the money was spent in the classroom, not on administration.

Questions? Call 503-936-9701


Let’s make an investment with real results by making Portland’s children a higher priority.
Vote YES on Measure 26-33 — The Portland Children’s Initiative.

(This information furnished by Friends of Dan Saltzman)