OCCUPATION: Engineering Consultant

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Retired from USDA Soil Conservation Service (SCS) (1997) as: Regional Soil Mechanics Engineer (1982-97) West National Technical Center, Portland; Water Resources Planning (WRP) Engineering Geologist (1977-1982) WRP Staff, Salina, KS; Soil Mechanics Engineer (1972-1977) Design Staff, Salina, KS; Civil Engineer (1971-1972) National Soil Mechanics Laboratory, Lincoln, NE; Civil Engineer (1967-1971) Black Vermillion Watershed Project, Frankfort, KS.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGOUND: Kansas University, Graduated (1960), Geological Engineering, B.S. Geol. Engr.; Portland State University, 1984-1987, M.S. in Civil Engineering; Kansas State University, 1977-1981, M.S. in Civil Engineering; Nebraska University, 1970-1971, M.S. in Civil Engineering; Kansas State University, 1978, Environmental Concepts; Colorado State University, 1980, Stream Mechanics; Cornell University, 1981, Control of Ag. Nonpoint Sources of Pollution; Oregon State University, 1999, Clear-cutting in Western Oregon; Portland State University, 2000, Water Rights Workshop.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Vice Chair, East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District (2000-Present); Treasurer, East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District (2000-2001); Director, Appointed, East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District (1999-2000) District Director responsible for program oversight, District Liaison with Johnson Creek Headwaters and the Friends of Beaver Creek watershed groups; represented the District on the Grading and Erosion Control Task Force for Multnomah County and the West of Sandy River Transportation and Land Use Plan.

Clifton is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer with 40 years of experience in water resource planning, water quality protection, environmental assessments, geomorphology, sediment control, geotechnical forensics, engineering geology, irrigation and bioengineering for agricultural lands. Has published standards in the American Society for Testing and Materials of which he is a member; wrote the Soil Mechanics section in the USDA Handbook on farm ponds; is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers; an adjunct Professor at Portland State University; authored and co-authored eight papers in various professional journals on collapse phenomena.

Clifton has pledged to promote use of the land that will maintain, enhance and insure a healthy continuation of our farming community and environment.

(This information furnished by Clifton E. Deal)