A History of Climate Action

Multnomah County has a long history of addressing the climate crisis that stretches back over 20 years. These efforts include groundbreaking work by the County Health Department to understand the links between climate change and our health, as well as the 2015 Climate Action Plan

The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners has also committed the County to a 100% renewable energy-based future and banned the use of fossil fuels in new County buildings.

And perhaps most importantly, the County is committed to advancing these goals through a focus on environmental justice.   

While emissions are down in Multnomah County, much more needs to be done. Worsening air quality and the recent arrival of severe, life-threatening heat-waves have created an even-greater sense of urgency to take action. In response, Multnomah County continues to look for new ways to address emissions by working with communities — especially frontline communities that experience disproportionate harms of the climate crisis — to co-create solutions.

For a full list of Office of Sustainability milestones, visit Sustainability Policies, Plans, and Reports.