2022 Open Enrollment logo - Red Ball with Oct 27 to Nov 17 DatesOpen Enrollment has ended!

Starts on: Wednesday October 27th

Ends: Wednesday November 17th

Open Enrollment is the time to make benefit changes for next year and enroll in Flexible Spending Accounts.

Verify your benefits for next year. Add or update your life insurance beneficiaries. See anything wrong? Let the Benefits Office know ASAP!

Stuck in Workday? Check out the  Workday Open Enrollment step-by-step guide (1.06 MB)

What can I do during Open Enrollment?

  1. Change your medical/dental plan.
  2. Review your dependents.
    • Have you had family changes? Did you get married? Divorced? Need to add your child to Dental?
    • You must verify that only qualifying dependents are listed on your benefit plans: spouse, domestic partner, and children.
  3. Enroll in a tax-saving 2022 flexible spending account.
    • Medical (MERP)
    • Dependent care (DCAP)
    • Parking/transit (TRP).
  4. Enroll or increase your supplemental life insurance

Which type of medical plan is right for you?

Kaiser HMO 

Cigna PPO

  • What is the definition of a PPO plan?
  • Offers a national PPO provider network - PPO plan  
  • Freedom to choose your own provider - access care with in or out-of-network providers (benefits generally reduced when out-of-network)
  • Referrals are only necessary if required by your specialty care provider 
  • Higher deductibles and annual out-of-pocket maximums, generally higher cost share for services
  • Your share of costs is less predictable, but you can compare provider costs before arranging care on the Cigna website

What's changing?

See detailed cost changes and updates about your benefits by selecting your bargaining unit’s open enrollment 2022 page.

County benefits are bargained by your union. For 2022, the following unions will see bargained changes, summarized on their Open Enrollment pages: 

  • IBEW - changes to the medical and dental health plans you can elect and dental contributions, plus life and disability benefits
  • FOPPO - changes to the medical and dental health plans you can elect and dental contributions
  • Prosecuting Attorneys - increased basic life insurance benefit

Need help choosing your union? Ask your Manager, HR, or email employee.benefits@multco.us.

Benefits Changes for 2022

Medical/Dental Highlights - (see your bargaining unit’s page for specific details)

    Kaiser Medical Changes

    • The cost of Kaiser medical plans are increasing by up to +3.6% for most members.
    • Alternative care benefits are enhanced; no more annual dollar limits, now visit limits will apply.
    • A new pre-diabetes support program, Omada, will be offered to help prevent diabetes.

    Cigna is Replacing Moda as PPO Plan

    • The cost of the PPO medical plans are decreasing more than 10% for most members.
    • WellDyne will continue to provide prescription coverage and is offering a new 90 day fill at retail option for eligible medications.
    • Alternative care benefits are enhanced; no more annual dollar limits, now visit limits will apply for spinal manipulation and massage.
    • Healthy Pregnancies/Healthy Babies - parent support program, participation incentive of $150 (enroll in 1st trimester) or $75 (enroll in 2nd trimester).
    • Omada programs to support members with pre-diabetes, diabetes and hypertension.

    Dental Plan Changes:

    • Kaiser and Willamette Dental - no cost change for most members.

    • Delta Dental cost increasing 1.2% for most members, based on bargaining unit.

    • No dental benefit changes, except bargained changes for FOPPO and IBEW.

    Life and Disability Insurance

    • Special enrollment to increase your Supplemental Life Insurance for up to $30,000 more (in $10,000 increments) than what you are enrolled in now, up to $200,000 total for yourself guaranteed (no medical questionnaire required).
    • Optional Short Term Disability and Supplemental Life Insurance rates are not changing for 2022.

    Flexible Spending Accounts: MERP/DCAP/TRP

    • Medical Expense FSA (MERP) maximum remains $2,750 annually for medical, dental, and vision expenses. Minimum is $240 annually.
      • COVID temporary provisions: 
        • All unused funds from 2021 will roll over to 2022
        • For 2023, the MERP carryover limit will go back to $550
        • Unused funds over $550 will be forfeited at the end of 2022 
      • Carryover funds are available after April 1st, unless you contact PacificSource and ask to access earlier. 
    • Dependent Care Expenses (DCAP) maximum remains $5,000 per year - no annual minimum.
      • COVID temporary provisions: 
        • Can access unused funds from 2020 through 12/31/2021.  
        • Maximum age for an eligible child through 2021 is 13
      • For 2022, the maximum age will again be 12
      • For 2022 and beyond, DCAP will not have carryover 
    • Transportation Expenses (TRP) 
      • Carryover always allowed from year to year, no carryover limit
      • TRP Transit maximum enrollment amount: $170 per month
      • TRP Parking maximum enrollment amount: $270 per month
      • Minimum contribution for TRP accounts is $20 per month