Do you have new dependents?

Birth, Adoption, Placement for Adoption or Legal Guardianship

You have 60 days from the date of birth, adoption, placement or legal guardianship to report the event to add your child or change your benefits.  Your new child will be added as of the date of birth/adoption/placement.  Note: your new child is automatically covered on the birthing parent's medical plan for the first 31 days. But be sure to enroll them in Workday to continue their coverage. Workday Logo

You can also add spouse/domestic partner or change your medical plan. A Marriage/Domestic Partnership Affidavit is required.

*For adoption or legal guardianship, email copies of the official adoption or placement paperwork to

Marriage or New Domestic Partnership

You have 60 days from the date of marriage, domestic partner registration (State or County), or satisfying the 6 month waiting period of shared residency to report the event. 

Eligible dependents to add:

  • new spouse/domestic partner* and
  • children of the spouse/domestic partner*

You can also change your medical plan or opt out of coverage if you now have coverage through your spouse/domestic partner.

Spouse/DP Supplemental Life Insurance Eligibility - A new spouse/partner is eligible for guaranteed coverage up to $50,000 if requested within 60 days of the qualifying event. Apply in Workday.

*Please be aware there are significant extra costs associated with adding a domestic partner or domestic partner's children to your plans. Please visit our Non-IRS-eligible dependents page for an estimate of imputed income tax specific for your plan and contact us if you have questions. Contact your tax professional for impacts of being in a higher tax bracket, if applicable. 

All changes will be effective the first of the month following submission in Workday and the receipt of any supporting documents required. 

Who Can I Enroll in my Plan(s)?

The County allows for enrollment of the following types of dependents:

  • Employee's Spouse or Domestic Partner
    • The definition of domestic partner can be found in Personnel rule 1-10.
    • Enrolling your Domestic Partner will result in higher taxes through imputed income and may put you into a higher tax bracket.
  • Children:
    • Eligible children include: biological children, stepchildren, adopted children, biological/adopted children of your domestic partner, children in your custody pending adoption, children for whom you are required by court order to provide coverage for, all covered through age 26. 
    • Enrolling your Domestic Partner's children will result in higher taxes through imputed income and may put you into a higher tax bracket.
    • A newborn child and/or a child newly placed for adoption needs to be enrolled within 60 days of placement. Failure to properly enroll will mean you cannot enroll the child until the next annual open enrollment.
  • Children for whom you are their court-appointed legal guardian: 
    • Children for whom you are their court-appointed legal guardians may remain on the plan until the last day of the month in which they turn 18. 
  • A child with a disability: 
    • A child over age 26 who has a permanent disability, and has been continuously enrolled as your dependent under a County Health Plan, may be eligible for an extension of coverage. Contact the Employee Benefits Office (prior to child's 26th birth date) in order to evaluate whether extension of coverage is appropriate.
  • Grandchildren:
    • Grandchildren must be born to a dependent (your child) that is currently enrolled in your plans, unmarried, and under age 26. Both your child and grandchild must reside in your home. The newborn grandchild MUST be enrolled within 60 days of birth or will never again eligible to be added to your plans unless you obtain legal custody.
    • The grandchild can remain on your plans up to the enrolled parent-child's 26th birthday or marriage (whichever occurs first).