Do you need to remove a dependent(s)?

Divorce/End of a domestic partnership

  1. Use Workday Change Dependents to remove the dependent from your plan.

  2. You must submit a Statement of Dissolution of Marriage/Domestic Partnership webform.

You have 60 days from finalization of the divorce (signature date of Judge) or termination of domestic partnership to report the event to the Benefits Office.

Your former spouse/partner will be removed from your medical/dental plan on the date of the event and then get a COBRA continuation of coverage offer.  Failure to report a dissolution of marriage/domestic partnership can have a financial impact on your paycheck.

Gaining Other Coverage

With documentation, you may be able to remove a dependent if they have gained other coverage within the last 60 days. Please contact us for direction. 

Death of a family member

Our deepest condolences on your loss. Contact the Benefits Office for assistance: or 503-988-3477.

Our Employee Assistance Program is available to all household members of benefit-eligible employees.

Recommended: You may also wish to contact PERS and Deferred Compensation directly to update your information.

Open Enrollment

You can make dependent changes without family status changes during Open Enrollment every year in October/November.

Who are Eligible Dependents?

The County allows for enrollment of the following types of dependents:

  • Employee's Spouse or Domestic Partner
  • Children:
    • Eligible children include: biological children, stepchildren, adopted children, biological/adopted children of your domestic partner, children in your custody pending adoption, children for whom you are required by court order to provide coverage for, or children for whom you are their court-appointed legal guardian, all covered through age 26. 
    • A newborn child and/or a child newly placed for adoption needs to be enrolled within 60 days of placement. Failure to properly enroll will mean you cannot enroll the child until the next annual open enrollment. 
  • A child with a disability: 
    • A child over age 26 who has a permanent disability and has been continuously enrolled as your dependent under a County Health Plan, may be eligible for an extension of coverage. Contact the Employee Benefits Office (prior to child's 26th birth date) in order to evaluate whether extension of coverage is appropriate.
  • Grandchildren:
    • Grandchildren must be born to a dependent (your child) that is currently enrolled in your plans, unmarried, and under age 26. Both your child and grandchild must reside in your home. The newborn grandchild MUST be enrolled within 60 days of birth or will never again eligible to be added to your plans unless you obtain legal custody.
    • The grandchild can remain on your plans up to the enrolled parent-child's 26th birthday or marriage (whichever occurs first).