Frequently Asked Questions about my Voter Notification Card

What is the Voter Notification Card that I just received?

The Voter Notification Card provides you with some of your elected districts that you'll be voting on in future elections.  It also shows your name and residence or mailing address information.  The card also shows your precinct number, which is only used for administrative purposes.

My name is misspelled on the Voter Notification Card. What do I do?

If your name is misspelled, please call Multnomah County Elections at  503-988-3720.

Is the Voter Notification Card needed to vote?

No. Your ballot will be mailed to you at the address listed on the Voter Notification Card. You do not need to keep the card and can recycle it, or you can keep it for your records.

If you need to make any updates to your voter registration you can do so by one of two ways:

**Updates cannot be made over the phone.

**Please remember that ballots are not forwardable, so we need your current address to mail a ballot to you.

How do I change my party affiliation?
You can change your party in one of two ways:

Do I have to re-register for each election?

No. You only need to update your registration when your residence or mailing address changes; your name changes; or you wish to change your party.

How do I cancel my voter registration?

If you moved to another county in Oregon all you need to do is register in that new county. Multnomah County will be notified of your move when you register You do not need to cancel your registration when you move to another county in Oregon, but you need to make sure you register at your new address.

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