Plan Comparison Charts for 2023

2023 Medical Plan Comparison - All Groups (1.04 MB)

2023 Dental Plan Comparison - All Groups (94.01 KB)

2023 Medical/Dental Costs

These are the amounts taken from your paycheck every pay period.

2023 DSA Medical and Dental Costs (114.16 KB)

Results of Bargained Changes

  • Your county-paid Basic Life Insurance changes from $50,000, to equivalent to your annual salary up to a maximum of $250,000.
  • Your county-paid Long Term Disability insurance increases from a monthly maximum benefit of $4,000, to $6,000. 

Premium Cost Changes

  • Kaiser 10/20 Medical: +3.1% increase from last year's costs
  • Kaiser Maintenance Medical: +3.1% increase from last year's costs
  • Kaiser Dental 15: 0% (same cost as last year)
  • Moda PPO 400 Medical (replacing Cigna): +16% increase from last year's costs
  • Moda Major Medical (replacing Cigna): +16% increase from last year's costs
  • Delta Dental 50: +1.8% increase from last year's costs
  • Willamette Dental: 0% (same cost as last year)

Where to start:

Kaiser and Moda Medical - Federal Regulatory Changes

  • Charges for equipment and supplies for breastfeeding, including milk storage supplies and equipment to support breastfeeding, are now covered for those with breastfeeding difficulties.
  • Follow-up colonoscopies are covered at no cost share following a positive result on any USPSTF preventive colorectal screening.

Kaiser Medical Plan Changes:

  • The cost of Kaiser medical plans are increasing by 3.1%.
  • Behavioral counseling is now covered as preventive care for adults with cardiovascular disease risk factors and type 2 diabetes. 
  • Naturopathic care is now covered for out-of-area dependents. 
  • New KP @home program provides hospital-level acute care to members with certain diagnoses at home under the direction of KP physicians.  
  • Omada program discontinued for 2023. 
  • Venipuncture services are covered for preventive lab screenings.
  • Male condoms are now covered under preventive care.

Moda is Replacing Cigna as PPO Plan

  • The cost of the PPO medical plans are increasing 16%.
  • Prior authorizations approved by Cigna will be honored with Moda.
  • Programs tied to Cigna, including Omada, are no longer available. 
  • Labor and delivery services at out-of-network facilities are covered as in-network if services are due to state or federal declaration of a public health emergency and providers are not allowed to bill the difference between billed and allowed charges.
  • WellDyne will continue to provide prescription coverage.
  • VSP Vision will continue to provide vision coverage for Moda PPO 400 members. Moda Major Medical plans do not include routine vision coverage (no change).
  • VSP Vision (available with Moda PPO 400 Plan Only) now covers frames at Walmart up to $200. 
  • Provider disruption is inevitable when changing vendors, but most providers who were in-network in 2021 will be in-network with Moda for 2023.
  • PPO Health Plan Change from Cigna to Moda FAQ - learn more about the transition from Cigna to Moda

Dental Plan Changes:

  • Kaiser and Willamette Dental will have no cost changes for most members.

  • Delta Dental costs are increasing 1.8%.

  • Kaiser Dental plan change: the additional $25 cost share for emergent or urgent dental care will no longer be assessed.

  • Delta Dental plan changes:

    • Health Through Oral Wellness – members who qualify may receive additional cleanings, sealant and fluoride, drugs for home use, oral hygiene instruction, nutritional counseling, and tobacco cessation counseling. This program enhances overall health through collaboration with your dentist. 

    • Athletic Mouth Guards – Athletic mouth guards are now covered once per year for members 15 and under and every 2 years age 16 and over. Over-the-counter athletic mouth guards are excluded. 

Option to Get More Supplemental Life Insurance

  • A special enrollment opportunity is available to employees each year to increase self-paid Supplemental Life Insurance up to $30,000 (minimum of $10,000 increments) more than what you are enrolled in now, up to $200,000 total for yourself guaranteed (no medical questionnaire required).

    • Note: this is not applicable to spouse or domestic partner policies, or for employees who do not have a self-paid policy, prior to 1/1/2023.

    • You can apply for Supplemental Life insurance at any time throughout the year up to $500,000. However, any new enrollments or increases more than those described above require Evidence of Insurability (medical questionnaire - subject to medical underwriting review by the Standard).

  • Optional Short-Term Disability and Supplemental Life Insurance rates are not changing for 2023..

Flexible Spending Accounts: MERP/DCAP/TRP

You must enroll at Open Enrollment each year to participate.

  • Medical Expense FSA (MERP) maximum increases to $3,050 annually for medical, dental, and vision expenses. Minimum is $240 annually.
    • For 2023, MERP rollover limit is increased to $610
  • Dependent Care Expenses (DCAP) maximum remains $5,000 per year - no annual minimum.
    • For 2023, the maximum child dependent age will again be 12, no carryover (return to pre-covid provisions).
  • Transportation Expenses (TRP) 
    • Carryover always allowed from year-to-year, no carryover limit
    • TRP Transit maximum enrollment amount increases to $200 per month
    • TRP Parking maximum enrollment amount increases to $300 per month
    • Minimum contribution for TRP accounts remains $20 per month